iProject: #production

For this part, it is really hard because I could really find the right time to actually start making it. I didn’t really decide on what certain thing that I was going to do, so I just randomly chose them. Β To the QUESTIONS…

What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?

The successes that I have probably produced are when I bought the things and also making the items. I just simply bought the stuff online, but I couldn’t find some eyes for it. I never actually got to get the eyes, but I just figured that I could just use black wool to do for the eyes. The making is pretty simple really, so it isn’t really that hard to do.

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?

The challenges that I have had to overcome are probably when I could find time to actually do it. My parents thought that my project was useless with actual work, so I had to try and find some time to actually do it without them knowing. Also, videoing was another problem too. If I ever find time, I always just remember that I need a camera and so then I couldn’t do it… cause I didn’t have a camera with me at those times… πŸ™

How did you overcome the challenges?

I actually never got to overcome my challenges, I only just could secretly do it without them knowing, which was really hard. This is also why my project wouldn’t have that many things to show on my Expo day.

This project has been fun, but yet hard to catch up to… πŸ˜“πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†

Reflective Post: Term 4 Week 8


Maths Groups- In Maths Groups, we have been focusing on this new topic called ‘My Life In Numbers’. It is where we have to first think of anything in our life that has numbers in it like our age and stuff like that. After that, we had to choose our own ideas to use to make an equation out of it. We can choose what to use like indices, BODMAS, anything pretty much to make the number that we chose. A few of my ideas are how wide my feet are and how long my pencil case is compared to Astrid’s.

Project Maths- In Project Maths, we have been continuing the project Create your own Garden, something like that. I still am buying stuff, but I just need to buy some plants and some animals too. I then noticed that I still had not placed in all of the objects into my drawn out backyard. I then had to search up everything again and place them in my yard.Β 


In English, I have finished off Toothpaste my piece and now I just need to get some feedback off it. It is really hard to find some people to read it because it is 2 pages long… and usually we only use one page. I have so far gotten feedback from Astrid and she said that it was really good. All I need is to have two more people to give me some feedback and then I can see if I can improve on it or not.


In Inquiry, we have finished off our Personal Project film and my group has already rendered it. We also got to look at everyone else’s work and it was very interesting on what the other groups had chosen to do . Our’s weren’t up there because Bailey was away on that day and she had the film on her laptop. I found that the other film were quite inspiring and a few were actually quite helpful for next year’s students who were going to move up to Year 6.

It’s nearly the end of the year already!!!!!πŸ˜ƒ

Reflective Post: Term 4 Week 7


Project Maths- In Project Maths, we have started a new project which had to do with our backyard and re- decorating it. We had a limit of $10, 000 to spend, so we couldn’t spend over that. So far, I haven’t used much money because I have been trying to save some up. I actually don’t know why I want to save it up, but it’s just me and how I think how to use money. I have so far only bought stools and sheds and a few more plants to start off my backyard.Β 


For English, I have finished publishing Blue and I have pinned it in the Twilight Zone. You can’t really read it because I made it quite faint. I am now continuing my piece Toothpaste and I have also conferenced it with Mr Henderson. This piece is one of my longest pieces that I have every made and it is one and a half pages long. He helped me with the tenses and how to end the story quickly because I had no idea on how to get it to finish quickly.


In Inquiry, my group have finished our Stop Motion recording and are now just needing to record the voice overs. The challenges that came by were when we had to restart the first scene because the camera got moved. The lighting changed a lot a bit in the video, but that was okay because we didn’t really want to keep on retaking the whole scenes over and over again. The voice overs are going well and it is very fun to hear what we have to say and what tone we have to use.

This week has been a really fun week and also quite busy too!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😜

Reflective Post: Term 4 Week 6

(In this post, there won’t be much to say since there was swimming for the whole week, so this post may be set up differently. Thank you for your patience.)


In Inquiry, we have been continuing our topic on the stop motion animation film. Since we have already finished our shotlist, my group had to make the background and the characters. I finished making the Red Ghost Guy and also I have made the cart where White Ghost Guy’s remains will go in when the baby finds it. Bailey has made a raibow and CC has made some background parts!


In English, I have started a story called Extinction, where Extinction is an actual alive thing which had to help of humans to get rid of the dodos. I still have to continue Radio and 7 other seeds and also continue publishing my first piece Blue.


Swimming was really fun and tiring, especially when we had to do lots of laps. Today, we got to do some fun relays! It was really fun and really interesting!



Reflective Post: Term 4 Week 5


PROJECT MATHS– In Project Maths, we have been continuing our topic Algebra. Today, we started this sheet of paper with some more Algebra questions. The way that I did it was like this:
4x-3x= 10-5
(I made that one up by myself.😁) Miss Torney had a different way of doing it, but I didn’t really understand it as much as the one that I use right now.

PROBLEM SOLVING– In Problem Solving, we shared our answers with others. I noticed that for one of the questions, I actually interpreted it in a really different way. I actually didn’t really get what the question really wanted, so I just did what I thought it wanted. My other answer was okay and there were also other answers to it too. The next THREE (Yes, THREE!) questions that we got were quite different. One of them were these two people talking about ages, the second one had letters in it, and the third one had cubes and dates in it.
Next week, we are going to hand in our booklets for submission.😣 


In Writer’s Workshop, I have started publishing my piece Blue! I have only done the title though. I have also continued my seed Radio and No Title. Other than those, I also went to a Masterclass Guru Session with Mr Panckridge! The topic for English that he was talking about was how to think up of ideas. He told us what he did as an author and how he could get ideas. After that, we had to think up of our own creative ideas. He also said that we had to always have a twist in our story to make it interesting.Β 


In Inquiry, since we had finished our Zoo Film, we were given the last project that we had to do for the rest of the year. It is called a Personal Project. We get into groups or by ourselves and then we choose what we want to do that we did this year. For example, my group, Bailey, CC and I are doing a stop motion film with a message in it. Our message was Kindness. We have already brainstormed our ideas and also have already made the story up. We all are looking forward to starting the whole project process!πŸ˜†

I am really enjoying the last term of my Primary School life!!!!!😝

iProject: #planning

All through these weeks, I have been thinking about my iProject a lot. I have decided that if I have time, then I would add in another part to it, which involves zips. Anyhow, back to more QUESTIONS…

What have you needed to do to prepare for your project?

I have needed to buy the things that I would be needing to use and also to prepare what I have decided to make and what I am not making. I also need to prepare the times of when I can do it and when I can’t. That is the tricky bit because I can’t really find a spot other than the weekends. I will just have to confirm it with my parents.

What types of shots have you included in your shotlist? Why?

The shot that I am using the most is ‘Close Up’ because I have to make sure that the people watching are seeing what I am going to explain and what I am doing. The reason why I don’t want to put in my face is because I just want the audience to watch what I am doing with my hands and not what my face is like.

What is the next step for you?

The next step for me is to MAKE MAKE MAKE and also video while I am making it. I feel like I haven’t done enough for the past few projects and I just feel like this one has to be the best out of the last two ones. I also find that when I start making, I just keep on going and going. That’s the good part about this project.iproject-shotlistUmmm…😢😢😢😢

iproject-shotlistIt’s a bit blurry…πŸ˜…

I find that this project will probablyΒ be the most fun out of the other two!!!πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‹

Zoo Conservation Film

At the start of the project, we had to choose an animal from the SOS10 website. SOS stands for Save Our Species and there are 10 animals to choose from. I chose the Baw Baw Frog because I had never heard of it before and it also sounded quite unique. When I researched about it, I was quite shocked about how many there were left in the world. So, then I decided to officially choose the Baw Baw Frog.Β 
When I looked up some Baw Baw Frog websites, I found out that the Baw Baw Frog wasn’t like any ordinary frog. There were lots of interesting facts about what this amazing frog could do. I took down all the facts that I could find about it and put them all in the script, along with my own words. Finding a P.T.C part in the script was a bit hard for me because I didn’t know which bit needed a P.T.C. At the end, I managed to find one bit for the P.T.C to fit in. This was only the start.πŸ˜ƒ

After that, we had an excursion to the zoo. We were meant to bring our scripts, but sadly, I FORGOT THE SCRIPT.Β My P.T.C sentence was easy to remember, so that was okay. I was put with the Helmeted Honey eaters group and the Philippines Crocodile group. While we were walking, we got lost and we didn’t know where we were going. We missed out on all of the presentations that we needed to go to. I managed to get some footage, but the frog wasn’t doing anything interesting It was just staying still on a branch the whole time. I didn’t do my Peace To Camera there because the cage that it was in was a bit small, and you wouldn’t really see the small frog in the video.πŸ˜„

When I put down all the footage that I used, I found that I didn’t have enough. So, I went on the internet and borrowed some off it. I also found that I had quite a long script for the film. When I did my voice over, I sort of had to rush through the whole script to be able to fit it in and not let it overtake the film of the Baw Baw Frog. I found it hard for some time, but then I got used to it and managed to get the V.O done. A big challenge was that I wasn’t there for the First Film Feedback time so I kind of had to continue on with my film without any feedback from five people.😁

Today was when we had to share our Final Film and get some feedback from anyone. Here are some feedback that I got from other students…

This film was soo good. The music complemented the message perfectly and you really made me care. The footage you used also had a positive impact on the information you were giving me. The voice overs were also really clear This is one of the best films i have seen yet-Bailey G
Your voice over was really good and your footage and imagery where really great. I loved how you conveyed their message and the music really suited your topic and message. –Mikayla
That was great, it really made me care about the frog. you did a great job it was really sad and the music really complemented your message. well done-Tilly
That film was so heart breaking! I had no idea what so ever that these frogs are different to ordinary frogs!! I can’t believe the number of frogs there are left in the world! I have a question for you. Do all of the Baw Baw frogs live in zoos for the little amount left of them there are, or are there still some in the wild that people haven’t found yet??-Astrid
I liked Astrid’s question.πŸ˜†Β Here’s the film that I made:

Reflective Post: Term 4 Week 4

Problem Solving- In Problem Solving, 6A had a debating session before French and we had to check with the others to see if we got the same or similar answers. Lots of people got the answers that I got for both questions (well, the second one had I think a few answers to it).

Project Maths- In Project Maths, we have been doing Algebra and this Ladder Problem. Here is what we have been doing in these topics.
The Ladder Problem:Β In the Ladder Problem, we started the lesson off where we had to guess why this picture was counted as a 5- rung ladder. Β Then, we had to explain how we got that answer by writing it down in our book. Then, we paired up (or went into threes) and shared what we said so then the other person (people) could see if we got what was shown on the floor. We had to use 17 icy-pole sticks. Then, Miss Torney showed us what a 3- Β rung ladder would look like. Then, we checked if our description was right. Also, we had to use 11 icy- pole sticks. Last of all, without using paper, we had to see how man icy-pole sticks were meant to use to make a 7- rung ladder.Β 
Algebra: In Algebra, we did the sheet of paper which was where we had to find out each of the letter’s number, and then find out what words they would do make near the bottom of the page. To work out what number each letter were, we had to work out these algebra questions so then we could actually solve them. At the start, we were given two answers so then we could start. At the end, I managed to complete the alphabet, but I didn’t get to finish making the words.


In English, I can now PUBLISH my Blue piece!!!πŸ˜ƒΒ Well I could of ages ago, but i wasn’t sure if I was allowed to. I was 95% sure. Now, I have started a piece called ‘Grandpa’s cap’ and am continuing ‘Radio.’ Β I thought of doing a seed called Radio because when I was in the car, I was just pretty much listening to the radio and suddenly, it came up in my mind to do a piece about it. Also, I am still doing the seed ‘1 Hour later,’ just not as much.


In Inquiry, we finished off our zoo films for our endangered animals. We had a feedback day, but I was away for that. I did have some challenges that were blocking my way, but I managed to get my way through. The challenges were how to put the sources on because it wasn’t fitting in to the screen. Some of the sources had a few letters that couldn’t fit in the screen properly. The other challenge was that I didn’t know how to do a green screen. But, at the end, Bailey taught me how to and that problem was solved!

This week was a challenging yet fun week to get through!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜œπŸ˜Ά

Reflective Post: Term 4 Week 3


Problem Solving-Β In Problem Solving, we had a few Malaysian Students that were over and also were seeing how our school worked. While we were doing our things, they were listening to what we were doing. For the first question, I may have calculated something wrong, because I got a tiny bit smaller answer than the real answer. Whoops!πŸ˜…Β For my second answer, there were several ways to get the the same total number, which was 27. Next, we got TWO more questions to work on along the week. One was with a coin and the other was with this pentagon shape and you have to put in these numbers and they can’t be one different away.

Project Maths- In Project Maths, we continued the subject Algebra. One lesson, we went on our laptops and worked on the website that Miss Torney sent to us. Then, we had to record down what question we were doing and how we worked it out. The other lesson was that we could choose out of an easier sheet or a harder sheet to work on. I chose the easier sheet to see if I could do it and believe it or not, I couldn’t work it out on paper. It just didn’t work! I had to work it in my head so then it would work out. After that, I did the harder sheet and I never got to finish it…😒😜


In Writing, we all had to do two poems in 30 minutes with Mr Wade, one about an apple and the other about a random thing that we want to choose. I chose a banana. the banana piece had rhyming in it and rhythm, but some bits didn’t make any sense. I gave it to Miss Torney, and she also said to change the sentences which didn’t fit in with the whole thing.

I also continued with my other seeds that were said in the previous post like Radio.


In Inquiry, we continued on with our animal project and there was a big problem that was really affecting my film. I didn’t have enough space to get into it! I had to pretty much delete a whole bunch of things to get back on it. After only adding a few more videos, it started not working again! And again it said that there wasn’t enough space! I yet had to delete more things again. In the film, I am up to doing the voice overs and then adding in the peace to camera shot. Then I would be all done.

What a nice week!!!πŸ˜†

Reflective Posts: Term 4 Week 2


PROBLEM SOLVING- Β Today we got our books back from the teachers and started a new section. We were given two questions (again.) and we had to write them down. These ones were probably some easy ones to warm up our brains to get ready to do other harder ones. Since this is only the start for this section, there isn’t much to say in this.Β 

PROJECT MATHS-Β In Project Maths, we started the topic Algebra. The first thing that we did with Algebra was this topic called The Function Machine. It was where you put in a random number in, then it would come out with this way that changes it to a different number. Later on, we partnered up and made up our own to give to other people to figure out. Another topic that we did was where we had to answer questions like this: 19+4= 22+1 (This answer is true…) And then we had to say whether or not it was true or false. Then we again did our own to show to other people and they had to figure out of it was true or false.


In Writing, I did a one-on-one conference with Miss Torney and conferenced my piece ‘Blue…’ and she said that she was really happy with it. I had to improve it when I last conferenced it with Mr Henderson, he gave me lots of suggestions to improve it. I then gave it to Mr Henderson to look at. Other than improving some words to make it better, he was quite happy with it too. So, once I change those things and conference it with my group, THEN I WILL BE ABLE TO PUBLISH IT!!!

I also continued my seed 1 Hour Later seed and also the seed Radio.

In Inquiry, we went to the Melbourne Zoo to take some photos and videos of our chosen animals. We met so many interesting animals that were so cool. When I got to the Baw Baw Frog, I couldn’t see it because it was camouflaged in a branch. I managed to take videos and photos of it and I had to change my script because of the new information that I got.

I am really looking forward to allllll of these things!😁