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The famous five is a book about five kids that have a mystery to solve. They go through all different events and adventures throughout the book.

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Complete iProject

Hi guys,

Here is my complete iProject post. In this post I am going to be including my final iProject and talking about some challenges throughout my iProject and how I overcome them.


One of the challenges was the fact that I have dogs in my backyard so they sometimes interfered with my iProject. But eventually my dad came to help with that problem and he was patting the dogs while I was doing my iProject.

Another one was that when I was filming and dad was not there the go pro was moving because it wasn’t done up tight enough. But I soon realised that there was also a positive to that is that it kind of looked cool looking down at my brakes and tyre.

Here is my iProject:

Wait the file is too big so I can not upload it into this post, sorry.

Feedback iProject

Hi guys,

Here is my feedback post. I am going to be telling you some of the feedback I got from people today when I was presenting. Most of the feedback I got was stuff like that film was amazing and I like how you connected the go pro to your bike instead of someone filming me.

Here is some of the feedback:

“I love how you created your own bike jump instead of buying one”

“This is a great film and it goes for a great amount of time”

“You can definitely see how you have improved over the course of the term”

“I like how you have used slow motion and fast motion to make the film more effective”

“I like how you haven’t just included normal bike riding and you have included jumping and drop offs”

I didn’t get any constructive feedback from what I can remember. I am quite proud of my iProject this term. I think that it is my best iProject ever this year.

Learning post

Hi guys,

Here is my learning post for this week. I am going to be talking about maths english/writers workshop and inquiry.


In maths we are still working on our Create a Garden projects. I have almost finished drawing my final draft on an A3 piece of paper. This is the second time that I have done it because the first time that I did it me being the clumsy person that I am accidently drew on it in purple marker. But I was going to re-do it because the paper was a bit scrunched up at the top so it didn’t look as nice as it would flat.

English/Writers Workshop:

In Writers workshop we have started thinking about how we are going to make our writers gifts. I am going to just put all of my pieces in an A3 box and then decorate the outside so it looks pretty. The reason why it has to be A3 is because I have some big pieces that are A3 size and wouldn’t fit in a folder or go into an A4 box.


In Inquiry Bebe and I have finished our film and we watched it from the K drive with all of year 6. We got some really good feedback from the teachers, and Mr Henderson said that he will definitely be showing the film next year. Bebe and I are really glad that he said that because our goal for this film was to make it so that they could show it next year and years to come.

Iproject #editing

Hi guys,

I have now started the editing process of my Iproject. Well now I have basically finished my Iproject but I wrote the start when I just started my Iproject Although I would still like to get some more footage. I had to change the music to my Iproject because I realised that there was minor swearing in it. I had to change the music to 2 songs because the first song was not long enough. The songs I chose were like a drum by guy Sebastian and like it like that also by guy Sebastian.

What editing techniques did you imply and why?

For some of my footage I have edited it and turned it into reverse or slow motion. The reason why I did this is because I feel that those editing techniques add more emotion and basically exaggerates the bit of footage.

What editing software did you use?

I used Corel because Corel is basically the only editing software that I know how to use. Well actually that’s not true I know how to use movie maker except Corel is much better and I know almost all of the things you can do on Corel but I don’t know so much about Movie Maker.

Did you try something new if so what?

I didn’t try anything new but I did you the slow motion and fast motion and reverse because I have used those things before and from my experience it makes the piece of footage look really good and it emphasises it.

Did you learn anything new about editing?

One thing that I did learn but didn’t use, is that you can have multiple text tracks. I knew that you could have multiple overlay tracks but I didn’t know you could do it with text.

Reading rant

Hi guys,

Here is my 2nd reading rant. I am doing this reading rant on the book Diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules. Recently I have read the whole series except I didn’t read the 2nd book. This is because when I was little I read it a lot but now that I think about it I can’t really remember what it was about so I read it again.


Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney

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Whatever you do, do not ask Greg Heffley what he did for his summer vacation. Because you might want to talk about it with him but he certainly does not want to talk about it with you. As greg is going into the next school year he is hoping to be able to put the last 3 months behind him. Unfortunately for Greg, his older brother, Rodrick has found out what Greg was assuming would keep itself under wraps. But secrets have a very special talent of spreading, especially when a diary is in the picture. Greg explains how bad his summer vacations were with the swim team practices at 7 am, him being the worst swimmer on the team, and his brother Rodrick annoying him, who knows a secret that Greg is trying to keep. After Rodrick puts him in the back of his van and he drops Greg off to school, but Greg finds out he still has the Cheese Touch from last year. He gets away with passing it on to a new kid. Greg states that Rowley (his best friend) has been annoying him with every little detail about his latest holiday to south africa. For example when Rowley went to a country he went at the same time as the Joshie craze was spreading. In French they have to do a special project. The project is that they have to get a have a pen pal from france. When Rodrick did this project he accidently got a 17 year old girl from Sudan. But not so lucky for Greg he got an old boy from France. Later, it is clear that Greg and Rodrick are always broke, so Mom starts a Mom bucks system to get Greg and Rodrick to get along with each other. Rodrick, at first, doesn’t realise that once the money’s gone it’s gone and so he spent his money on his heavy metal magazines, while Greg carefully and sensibly manages the cash. Rodrick has an upcoming science project that he can’t be bothered doing so he makes his family members do it for him. Likes I talked about before Rodrick has an advantage over Greg because Rodrick knows Greg’s most valid secret. Frank starts to take Greg to the mall every Saturday because that is when Rodrick has band practice and Frank thinks that the other people in Rodrick’s band are bad influences on him so Frank doesn’t want to be around to see that. Manny then goes and breaks Greg’s console. As a sorry present Manny makes Greg a tinfoil ball with toothpicks coming out of it. Greg then loses it and Rowley sits on it. Soon one of Greg’s old friends Chirag Gupta and as a welcome back gift Greg plays a game called invisible Chirag and the whole class gets in on it.

He goes to the principal to complain, but the principal can’t understand Chirag’s English and gets the name wrong. Chirag tells his father and when Chirag comes to Rowley’s birthday party, Mr. Gupta (Chirag’s father) tells Susan about it. Greg is made to apologize. Chirag and Greg reconcile and renew their friendship.

Career day comes to the school and Greg watches in horror as Rowley talks to someone about nursing school. Since Rowley received a diary for his birthday, Greg is determined to read it to find out why Rowley would want to be a nurse. His plans are foiled, however, when he sees that Rowley’s diary has a key.

Cashing in his Mom Bucks, he purchases a diary that is identical to Rowley’s so that he can open his friend’s diary. When he does he doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He feels that he has wasted his money. That next weekend, Greg’s mother and father go away for some alone time, and they leave Manny with Greg’s grandparents. Rodrick makes sure his parents are gone, and then he calls his friends and invites them over for a party. Greg asks if he can come to the party. Rodrick says yes, but the night of the party, he locks Greg in the basement. However, since Rodrick has “the secret” on Greg he manages to blackmail him into helping him clean up the house before their parents come home.

Frank, their father, notices that something is wrong with the bathroom door, but can’t figure out what. The lock that used to be on it is missing. Greg and Rodrick switched the door with one in the basement after Rodrick’s party because one of the party-goers had drawn inappropriate pictures on it. Greg decides that this is the “dirt” he has been waiting for and threatening to tell their parents about it will make Rodrick drop his blackmail treatment.

Greg receives a letter from his pen pal, but it irritates him because writing letters is so old school. He doesn’t know why the teachers won’t let them email each other. It’d be so much easier. Susan, meanwhile, is determined to make her two older sons bond with one another. She learns that some of the kids are into a role playing game called Magick and Monsters. She buys some cheat books for the boys to learn to play better. Unfortunately, Rodrick seizes on the opportunity to annihilate Greg’s characters, then shows no mercy when they play their games. Greg believes that his mother’s quest to promote sibling bonding is a waste of time.

The school notifies Greg’s family that the music education program has been cancelled. Susan arranges for Rodrick to give both Rowley and Greg drum lessons in exchange for some Mom Bucks. It does not go well and Rodrick uses the opportunity to make both Greg and Rowley feel like idiots. In the meanwhile, over at Rowley’s house, Greg finds the same fake money that his mother uses for her Mom Bucks. He asks Rowley if he can have it, then takes the money home and stashes it away in his room.

Greg finds himself short on time to write a paper for his History class. Rodrick tells him that he has an old paper that he will sell Greg in exchange for some Mom Bucks. He agrees and takes the paper, but it is completely on the wrong topic and he gets an F. Meanwhile, Rodrick tries to use the Mom Bucks that he’s gotten from Greg, but Susan suspects something. She knows that Rodrick hasn’t done anything to have earned all of those Mom Bucks. She suspends the program summarily.

In December, Susan asks Frank to go down to the corner to pick up the pictures that she’d dropped off to be developed from Thanksgiving, but the pictures that Frank returns with are pictures from Rodrick’s party. They punish both Rodrick and Greg, whom they assume was also in on it. Their parents no longer trust them to stay alone at the house, so when Susan and Frank have to both leave the house, they take the boys over to their Grandfather’s apartment.

Meanwhile, the school announces a Winter Talent Show and Rowley and Greg think that they will do something for that as a way of becoming popular. Frank ends the boys’ punishment early as the drum practice is driving him crazy. Rowley stays the night at Greg’s house and Greg ends up hurting Rowley on accident. Manny witnesses it and tells his mother. She makes Greg agree to be Rowley’s assistant for his magic act for the talent show. They try out for the show, but don’t make it. Roderick’s science fair project is finally completed and Roderick goes back to practicing with his band.

Rodrick’s science teacher, however, calls Susan and Frank and tells them that Rodrick’s project didn’t meet the standards and that he’ll have to resubmit. Roderick’s parents make him stop practicing with his band and focus on his science fair project. Rodrick defies his parents claiming that when his band wins they are going to go for a record contract and then they will be dropping out of school to go on tour. Susan and Frank start to argue but see that it is a losing battle. Susan agrees to film Rodrick on stage during the talent show. The film doesn’t turn out well and is unusable, mainly because Susan starts dancing and it is captured on film by the school’s official photographer. Greg is embarrassed twice.

Rodrick is furious and blames Greg for not shooting the film. He decides that it is time to unveil Greg’s summertime secret to the general public. Greg shares what the big secret is. During the summer, Greg had accidentally walked into the women’s bathroom when they had been visiting their grandfather at Leisure Towers apartments. He had tried to leave quickly, but had become trapped in a stall waiting for the women who had come in, to leave. Meanwhile, Rodrick has gone to work and before the day is out, Greg’s story is out. Devastated, Greg asks his mother if he can be transferred to another school.

To Greg’s surprise all of the students at school view Greg as a hero. Greg is confused and gets to the bottom of it. Apparently the story that Rodrick told was passed around so much that it changed. Instead of old women in the retirement apartments, the story has been changed to the story that Greg managed to get into the girl’s locker room at Crossland high school. He is instantly popular…at least with the boys.

Meanwhile, Rodrick’s day is made when his band gets noticed because of his mother’s antics on camera. The video goes viral and is called “Dancing Mom” on the internet. Rodrick develops a reputation as being the drummer from the “Dancing Mom” video. Even though it does get Rodrick noticed, and his band, he is still extremely embarrassed. Greg finds himself feeling actually sorry for Rodrick. Later, the family receives word that if Rodrick doesn’t turn in a real science project that he will fail for the year. Greg tells Rodrick that he will help him and the two brothers honestly work together to get it done. Rodrick tells Greg that he’s glad that he’s his brother.

The Genre for this book is definitely comedy because it has some funny parts to the books.

The thing I liked about this book is that it’s laid out in separate parts and it has a photo in between most of the paragraphs. But the thing that I didn’t like is that there is not much action in the books which makes it a tiny bit boring.

I liked Greg in this book because he get’s through every obstacle he faces and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. I didn’t like Rodrick because he basically bullied Greg, and no one likes a bully.

I would recommend this book to anybody that is my age (12) and younger. This is because anybody that is older might find it a bit boring.

I would rate this book a 6 1/2 out of 10.

Learning post

Hi guys,

Here is my learning post for week 7. I am going to be talking about maths, english/writers workshop and inquiry.


In maths we have started a new project. The project is called create a garden. Basically what we have to do is that we have to pick a spot in our backyard or our front yard and then redesign it. We have $10,00 each that we can spend on buying plants and features. At first I thought this was a real project that we did in real life but then I found out that you just draw it. I have chosen to redesign my front yard because on google maps there is a photo of my house (front yard) before dad put grass, trees and a walkway.

English/Writers Workshop:

In writing I have started 2 or 3 more seeds and I have started a draft for one of them. I have started seeds called fire, perfectly me and fine. The draft that I have started is the fine piece. The way I got the idea is that alice and I swapped seed books and wrote down some ideas for each other so that we could get some different ideas. She read my fire seed as fine so I did a separate seed called fine.


As you know in year 6 we have started a new project called our personal project. Bebe and I have finished filming and we just need to do our voice overs and then we will do the editing. We have to have the films finished by next friday. Bebe and I are quite happy about our project. During the green screen filming we have come up with some great ideas that we didn’t have before.

learning post

Hi guys,

Here is my learning/reflection post for this week. I will be talking about maths (measurement), English/Writers workshop (the piece I have been writing and the seed I started) and Inquiry (where we are up to with our personal projects.


In maths we have started a new topic in maths groups that is, in Project maths we are still doing Algebra. Anyway we are learning about measurements. We are learning about the 2 types of measurement. The one we mainly use is the metric system. I have been to 2 sessions of maths groups using measurements and for both of the sessions I have done math sheets.

English/Writers Workshop:

Recently we  had a Mr. Wade and he showed us some children’s writing and he als showed us a photo of a gorilla. We then had to write about a gorilla. I wrote a story about a gorilla getting hunted. I have also started a seed about CISV because it is something that I am passionate about. Although I haven’t got much down on the page because I started it in the last 5-10 minute of masterclass.


In Inquiry if you haven’t been reading my posts we are starting a new project called a personal project. Bebe and I partnered up and we are doing it about how to use the cameras/tripods, audio booths and the green screen. We have almost finished the planning stage but we still have to check off our shot list with one of the teachers so that we can then go onto the production stage.

Reading rant

Hi guys,

Here is my first Reading rant.


Middle School The worst years of my life by James Patterson

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Basically this book is about A boy called Rafe Khatchadorian who has recently moved to a new school for his middle school years. He moves to Hills Village Middle School (HVMS). On his first day the start of the day is not as good as he hopes as his runs into the HVMS strong tough bully kid. Miller the killer. When Rafe goes to sit down in Miller’s chair he gets himself in some trouble. The next interesting part of his day was assembly. In assembly he and everyone in the school was introduced to the book. The HVMS code of conduct book that is. Mrs stricker reads through the whole book and Leo the silent Rafe’s only best friend comes up with an idea. Since Leo is called Leo the silent that obviously implies that he is silent. In other words he doesn’t use words to communicate he uses pictures/drawings. Anyway Leo draws in the back of his book an idea that will change Rafe’s life forever. That is if Rafe goes through with it though, and of course he does. So you want to know what the idea is well you are in luck. The idea is that Rafe by the end of the year has to break every rule in the book. So the first rule that he breaks is a classic. Pulling the fire alarm for no reason well for his entertainment. And of course it is during assembly. Funnily enough Mrs Stricker was up to the rule before the rules on fire drills, so nobody had any idea what to do. Everybody starts running around like maniacs. The next day he gets his first detention for messing with Mrs Stricker, but he also runs into Miller the Killer on his way to detention. Miller asks Rafe to come outside to fight except he says no and runs to detention.Rafe is pleased when he starts to get attention from his peers for his misdeeds. Even his beautiful classmate Jeanne Galletta has noticed him. He doesn’t really mind the punishments, such as detention, because they are worth extra points. He does hate being stuck in detention with Mrs. Donatello, who tries to get him to talk about the reasons for his behavior. Rafe continues in his behavior — from pulling the fire alarm to streaking through the halls in his underwear to stealing Bear’s energy drinks and selling them to classmates. Rafe has been stealing Bear’s energy drinks and selling them to classmates to get back at bear (revenge!!). Mom gets worried as she sees Rafe’s grades plummeting and hears he’s been talking to Leo. Bear calls Rafe a freak and threatens punishment. A bully known as Miller the Killer steals Rafe’s journal and blackmails him, forcing Rafe to buy back the book a page at a time. Rafe also discovers Jeanne’s concern for him has more to do with pity than love. While trying to help Rafe, Jeanne gets detention. This means Rafe has broken his own No-Hurt rule, and he feels terrible. Leo urges Rafe to paint a derogatory mural on the school building. When he does, the police catch him.Rafe finally realizes the seriousness of his actions when he’s suspended. His grades are so poor, he may have to repeat sixth grade. Bear and Mom fight, and Bear accidentally pushes Mom down the front stairs. The kids call 911, and police take the penitent Bear away. At the bottom of the steps where she’s fallen, Mom finds a packet full of photocopies. They are the pages of Rafe’s journal. Mrs. Donatello saves Rafe from repeating a grade by noting his artistic talent and suggesting he be transferred to a school with an emphasis on art. She will tutor him in the meantime to help him get caught up. Despite his struggles, Rafe feels hopeful with the prospect of attending art school and having Bear out of his life.

I think the genre of this book is definitely comedy because there are some bits that are quite funny.

The thing I liked about this book is that Rafe has described every little thing that he thought about each character like if they were really mean or like a dragon. I liked all of it there was nothing I didn’t like.

I liked all of the characters apart from the evil mean teacher, but then again all teachers are evil. I also didn’t like Miller the Killer because he is a bully and he bullies Rafe and no one should be bullied.

I would recommend this book to kids our age and younger. I don’t think that kids any old would find it as interesting as I do. They might find it a bit boring.

I would give this book a 9/10