Learning post 8B Term 4

Hi guys,

This week I am going to talk to you about all the things year 6 and I have been laerning.

Maths-This week in maths we are still going on with the garden project and I am now just trying to get people to donate money tome so I can buy heaps more stuff to maple my garden more attractive. So far I think my garden price is up to about 22K in price. I am thinking that my garden has the most stuff and is the most valeuble but still is a very unique garden.

Inquiry-For inquiry this week we have all finished and completed our personal projects. This week we have all been actors in Henry, Jesse and spencers film about bullying. it is a great film about how Henry gets bullied and doesn’t have any friends to play with and that every body ignores him. We have also watched pretty much everybody’s personal project and have commented on there project. Our personal project is all about how to make a film. It is very interesting and confusing but has a lot of stuff to learn in it.

English-This week in English I have published 5 pieces and have started to make a comic but isn’t working out very well. I have conferenced with Spencer, Henry and Callan and spencer said that the piece was great and didn’t need to change and Callan said that it is good and fine but Henry says that I need to come up with a message to the piece. Which he was right in saying that there is no message and then I thought it’s going to be way to hard for me to keep writing the piece over and over since were near the end of the year. So I stopped and am just now working on some seeds that I might be able to publish quickly.


#Production Term 3 8B

Hi guys,

Today I am talking to you about the production in my iProject.

What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?

we have had some successes with the timing of the film and the timing with the weather and how we had timed the days. Some of the successes we had were with the camera not dying on us and with the things we needed.

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?

doing some of the forfeits in the video and with the camera cause we had to use Barnaby’s iPad for filming instead of a proper filming camera.

How did you overcome the challenges?

We overcome the challenges by using the iPad as a camera and we also had to just put up with just doing the forfeits instead of just wimping out and not doing them and not just changing them so they could be easier.

That was the production stage of Barnaby and I’s iProject and will have the editing post up soon stay tuned.



Learning post Term 3 7A

Hi guys,

Today I am talking to you about what I have learnt this week in school.

Maths-This week in Maths 6A have been given a task. This task includes 10K in fake money to spend and your backyard or a piece of your backyard and make it into a garden. I have chosen a little grass piece of my backyard and am trying to make it into my dream backyard. So far I have used all my money on 5 beautiful trees and a L shaped couch with a table in the middle. I also have a cubby house with a TV and a PlayStation. This does not the brief of a backyard but Miss Torney said we could use any website we wanted. I also have bought a tramp, 10 Foot pool and 2 just about full size soccer goals and a Liverpool soccer ball with some white paint to make the lines on the ground.

Inquiry-For inquiry this week we are in the production stage of the film. We have just about taken all the shots for our film it looks good in my head but I hope we can nail it or even do better than my imagination. Angus said he would do all the editing for the film but if he needed help were there for him but he’s pretty good at that stuff. Angus also said that we should watch a magician of editing https://www.youtube.com/user/ZachKingVine. I have watched him a bit and how he does all his magic and when the final thing comes together it looks really cool.

English- In English This week I have a total of I think six published pieces in total. I like all of the pieces I have published and think that they all are very neat. I have also started on a comic kind of piece. I got the original idea from nick when he as making a comic but Tom then went and threw a pencil at me and then it literally hit me and I thought I could make a comic about a super pen and an evil pencil. So I have and am working on it with Tom.

Learning post term 3 6B

Hi guys,

Today I am talking to you about what I have learnt this week in Maths, Inquiry and English.

English-For english this week Henry, Sam and I have published our piece on the fly incident we had a couple weeks ago. The way we have published the piece was on three grave stones for our three different bits of the story. I think that it is a very interesting piece and hope everyone that reads it likes the story. I have also printed the other three pieces that I have made because I have put the originals in my writer’s gift and have put the printed versions back on the wall.

Maths-In maths groups this week I have gone to two lessons with Mrs Stafford and Mr Henderson. first I went to Mrs Stafford’s lesson on the perimeter of regular shapes like rectangles and squares and stuff like that. I learnt in that lesson how I am supposed to measure the perimeter of the regular shapes. In Mr Henderson’s maths lesson I learnt how to measure the perimeter of the irregular shapes in the right way.

Inquiry-For inquiry this week we have started a personal project that we have to do just like our iProjects. I am in a group with Angus, Tom and Lukas, We are making a film about how to make a film. In that film we are having a lot of green screen effects in the film which will make the film much more interesting.

learning post term 4 5A

Hi guys,

Today I am talking to you about what year 6 have been doing this week.

English-This week in writing Henry, Sam and I have written a piece about a fly incident that the all of us had at school. The way we all wrote the story was by Henry writing the start because he started the incident. Then I wrote the middle of the piece because I was the one that was in the middle of the story and Sam wrote the end cause he was at the end of the incident. We have conferenced the piece with Mr Wade and Miss Torney and they said that we could publish the piece straight away.

Maths-In Maths this week we have been working up to the test that we had this week. The test was all about angles and how to name the angles and draw the angles. In the test it was one sheet and wasn’t that hard since I had been working up and learning more about angles.

Inquiry-In inquiry this week we have started a new film like a iProject we all can be in groups of 3 to 4 or work alone. I decided to work in a group of 4 with Tom,Lukas,Angus and I in it. we are making a how to make a film film in it we are going to use adobe premier instead of corel because the future year 6’s will not be using corel they will be using adobe premier. so we have to teach them to make a film with premier.

Reading Rant Mr stink

Hi guys,

Today I am talking to you about a book I have just recently read.

This book is about a guy who is a homeless person and he has a dog. He was so smelly that people called him Mr Stink. No one went near him because he was so smelly. But one day there was a little girl how wanted the man to be happy. This book is fiction, and not part of a series but the author has more brilliant books. I think his book is great because the story is really different to other books.
I liked the characters because they were unique. This book is a little bit funny because it connects to me because our family is really busy like one of the characters.
I kind of wish that it is bit funnier. I wish that he would described the characters personalities with more depth.
I think this author is as good as Roald Dahl. You should know that most of his books are quite thick. This book would be suitable for people learning big words and lots of expression. I would recommend it between 9-11. But be ready to read a lot of this book.

Zoo film feedback

Hi guys,

Today I’m talking to you about the process of the zoo film and how we got to the final product.

Planning: First we were told by the teachers to go onto the act wild website. When all of us were on we were then told to go onto the SOS 10 (Save Our Species) part of the website and chose a animal from there. There were of course 10 animals to choose from. I was thinking I might choose the gorilla or the tassie devil. Then I decided I would choose the tassie devil. When we had chosen the animal we wanted we then had to research the animal we chose up to find out some facts to put into our script. Some of the facts I had found out about the tassie devil was that they all have a white line across the bottom of their neck which is like a fingerprint for them which makes all of them unique.

Excursion: When we arrived at the Zoo the first thing we did was sit down on the grass and split up into all our different animal groups. When we were all ready first we had to go into the underground kind of seal watching place. When we were all down there we had this man come and stand in front of us speaking to us about what we were going to do and all the plans we had for the day.

Editing: In the editing process first we had to go through all our footage and cull all of it into gold footage that we culled use in the film. Then when we had completed our first draft we put all of them into 6A,6B and 6C folders so we can look at them all in class. when we had finished the editing and got feedback we then had to use that feedback to finish our film.

Feedback: Here is some of the feedback I got for my finished film.

I love your interesting facts. Great images you used. Good voice-overs – Steven

You have really great facts about your animal. I really liked the PTC part at the start of your film – Bailey
The facts you put in were really good, the pictures were really nice also your piece to camera was cool and the music was nice. -Matthew

I think you had lots of great images in your film – Isaac

i liked the images and it had great quality images – Harrison

Learning post term 3 4B

Hi guys,

Today I am talking to you about what I have learnt this week in English,Maths and Inquiry.

Maths-In maths this week I have learnt a lot about angles and how to use them properly. This week we have been given the same test about angles again.(It’s only a page long) In this test we have been asked to answer what angle this is and what  degrees is this. I have learnt a lot from this and now know how to use angles properly

English-This week in English I have been working on a piece that I named Footy. I have conferenced this piece twice and have been given the ok from Miss Torney to publish this piece. The way I decided to publish this piece was to print out a footy player and a ball so then I can glue the ball to the players hands to make it look like he is marking the ball. Then I will and have written the piece in between the players arms.

Inquiry-for inquiry this week we have had Mrs Stafford come in and join us in our shared inquiry session this week. Mrs Stafford has liked all the talk from our class because in her class apparently none of the people like to talk about what they think about in the story. It has been a fun experience and hope we keep up with the two different teachers to listen to and give their feedback and ideas on the story.