Geelong: By kids, for kids

Here’s my goals for the rest of the year:

  • Become internet famous
  • Have my birthday
  • Have Christmas
  • Have fun!

My goals are very detailed huh? Well, I can tell you this – the first goal may not be so hard. I mean, who wouldn’t want me to be famous? Just kidding, but we are currently finishing off our Geelong Promo Films (Advertising Film for Geelong) and there is 1/72 chances that I would get my film on the internet with the honor of representing Geelong, but hey, it could happen. Dream big – go hard or go home! but back to my point: welcome to Geelong. Have a nice stay and relax.


Geelong by kids; for kids.

What is the point of Geelong by kids; for kids? Well, a tourism company called Geelong and Bellarine Tourism, asked us to use our fantastically awesome skills in film-making. We agreed as we thought it would be a good opportunity. So the brief: it had to fun for kids, so they would like to venture down to Geelong, Torquay and all the awesomely fun places! I think that covers the brief!



Before we could all venture out into Victoria to complete this task/quest, we had to see what the client requested. They had asked that it was kind of the style they had going on – if you’d like to see them, here’s the link: . But, we had to base all the angles, editing styles, footage off the videos we had to watch on their YouTube channel. This took many lessons to complete – we even analyzed them!



To cover most of Geelong in very minimum time, we split up into classes. But before I reveal the ‘mysterious’ settings in the film, where would you most like to venture into in Geelong? Well, you may have a different answer, but the majority of year 6 did some brainstorming, and Torquay, SupaTramp, Balyang Sanctuary, LeisureLink and Eastern Beach were the main choices. So 6A: SupaTramp and Torquay, 6B: Balyang and LeisureLink, 6C: Eastern beach. Where would you prefer to go? Honestly, I would of liked to visit 6A’s places, but hey, Balyang and LeisureLink were quite fun – especially since I got to go on the slides for the first time. And can I say, if you haven’t, you’re missing out! 


Partners and planning shotlist:

So, to complete this task, before setting off into the world, we had to be accompanied by a friend or foe (all of the groups were friends, so yeah). Luckily for me, I was with one of my closest friends, Joy. Thankfully, we made a good team, as our shotlist proves below:


Joy and I made a great team, we were supportive of each other, switched between actors in films – we basically were there for each other when needed. Along with all that, we produced some great footage, so yeah, great team!



Aagh, this may take a while: Barwon Valley Park: as soon as we arrived we dived straight for the yellow figure. I have no clue what it is actually called, so I’ll try describe it for you guys: a metal pole, about 150 cm tall, from the top a round yellow figure pushes out with areas where you grasp the metal. Sorry, that was really hard! So imagine that, with Joy, Mikayla and I jumping on as it travels around. But the only problem with filming that is actually figuring out how to film it. I had remembered how to use it (DSLR) by filming my passion project and using my dad’s camera, but it slipped my mind at the time. Then we went to a structure of rope.  So a large pole, who knows the size, with a whole bunch of black rope wrapped around it. Makes sense? Sorry if you are confused out of your mind. The swings – ordinary usage, hammock – another bit of ordinary usage. Then onto the flying fox! Since the times my sister was at APS training, my mum and I would go down to the park and wander around for a bit. So, since we were there and the flying fox could be used, I used some of my skill I had learnt earlier on, and jumped onto the little seat so I was standing. The ride was a little bumpy! But then we went down to the road and got some footage of Joy riding a bike down next to the river! And seriously, if I name anything more that we did there – you guys would be asleep!

Tthheenn, we went to Balyang Sanctuary; Joy and I didn’t really get any good footage there – two panning shots of Joy sitting by the river, one horizontally and vertically. So that was Balyang! Oh, almost forgot; bike track. So, there are multiple hills of dust and sand and pebbles, and obviously, ride up and down them on a bike. So while the experts were jumping like professionals, some of us were having goes at the smallest bumps. When my turn falled around, it was a little embarrassing. So, I got the bike near the back of the course, and rode back to the start. And as I started to turn the corner, very slowly may I add, my foot missed the pedal, and collapsed on my face. I amazingly grazed my hands, knees and arms – but hey, I’m clumsy so this happens a lot! 

Last station, finally. LeisureLink was a limited place, as the actual pools were occupied, we got the entire play park to ourselves. Very sneaky Mrs Stafford. So I hadn’t ever been on the slides, so I was excited to finally go on them, and apparently it was also favored by everyone else. So when we arrived, the slides were almost everyone’s first choice. And I got to say, that was one of my highlights for my entire day! But since we needed footage of both the water park and the slides, so we weren’t allowed on the slides for a while (probably a huge, longing half hour) and I was kinda devastated. But it was fun anyways.


Culling and converting:

So footage was dumped on all the laptops, but since some of it was either DSLR, drone or GoPros, we had to convert all the footage to a file that Corel would accept. But before any of that could be completed we had to cull all the footage. Culling basically means cutting down all the footage to only good ones or ones that could be used, then conversion started. So we used a program called FormatFactory. I’m not going to go into details, as it’ll probably bore you to sleep, but you get the idea, cull then convert, then share.



Not gonna lie, this took about (week 6 was the excursion, then finished in week 8 or 9) wow! It took less time then I remembered! So the excursion was held in week 6, and we got the final feedback in week 10 – 3 weeks! These are my simplified steps to becoming a editing pro (like me): 1) add in your first 3 pieces of footage. 2) cull it down to the bits you prefer, 3) repeat last two steps and continue doing so until you’ve got all your footage, 4) add music that suits the feel, 5) add text and credits. Easily compacted, the last 3 weeks of editing, into that nutshell. You guys have no clue about how hard and stressful this all was! But I’m also really tired, and struggling to tell you all ’bout it all!



So, computers were scattered around the room and we would wander around the room, watching our peer’s promo films, then giving them feedback on a little sheet that had the options of ‘Does it capture Geelong by kids; for kids?’, ‘is it fun?’, ‘are there cool editing choices made?’, ‘does the music match the mood?’ and last but not least ‘is there a balance of filming places?’. This would be my assessment: ✔✔, ✔✔, ✔✔, ✔✔✔, ✔✔. A lot of people wouldn’t agree with me but, I think it has fun that kids would enjoy, I used reverse a bit and time-lapse being ‘cool’ editing choices, and my music is very upbeat and fun, so that (in my opinion) would be a three ticker, then balance; two. not sure why but a two! Then after given feedback, it was our job to apply that feedback into our films.


Implemented feedback:

So, I definitely don’t know what implemented means, but I’m guessing it means imputed feedback, no? So basing it off my guess, I’m gonna tell you all about how I added my feedback into my finalized film: added in some reverse, moved some skateboarding footage about and that’s pretty much it – sorry for the build up to that. But then, today we got more feedback on our finished films and mine looked like this: win_20160913_100037Honestly, this round of feedback was worse than my first, but that may be because they’re were being more critique this time – I know I was!

So guys, finally, I’m done. here is my final film – I hope you enjoyed this blog post and my film, bye!

One more thing guys, this blog is 1527 words long – new record! Anyways, bye!

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