week 7 colour sensors

This week we explored colour sensors. The first challenge this week was to get the robot to go forward and stop at a coloured pice of paper using either drift or stop. Drift is like when you go in a car and when the lights go amber you slowly stop (stopping is just stopping). We couldn’t get the robot to completely stop, then we found out the robot was on drift, and with some help we got Bud to completely stop.

The second challenge was to get Bud to go around a pice of paper. This part was the hard part so Zali and I messed around with Bud until we were able to get Bud to go around the paper 3 times. On the 4th lap, Bud wound up on the edge of the paper.

week 6 touch sensor

This week we worked on touch sensor, touch sensor is a attachment to the robot and when the touch sensor touches an object it stops. The first challenge was moving your robot into your hand and stopping at your hand. This was the hardest challenge so far because something wasn’t working with the program we were using, first we thought it was the touch sensor but then Sophie figured out that it was the program that was wrong, Sophie fixed the program and then we got on to challenge 2 moving into a wall and stopping, this was easy as pie because it was practically the same as moving it into your hand, except into a wall.

week 5 display block

I have to admit I didn’t really know what happened at week 5 all I know is that we managed to make bud have an image that says a whole story! please which this video (subtitles included)

Hello World… I’m bud… and I’m going to tell you, a story, about how I was built…. I started off as just, a brick… but now I’m so much more, thanks to Mallory Zali and Sophie!!!

lego robotics week 2 – moving straight

Creating: What should I do next? in future I would really like to code our robot Bud to dance because I think it will be a really fun challenge for my team and I to overcome and also because it will be very fun to watch him dance.

Evaluating: How well did I do? I  think I did well because I was really organised with all the tasks and I think I did quite well supporting my team when they were building and programming.

Analysing: do I see any patterns in what I did? I didn’t really see any patterns in what I did but i did notice that all the groups kept rushing to finish first while my group is more focused on producing a quality program

Applying: Where could I use this again? I’m not exactly sure but I think I might use this in university, but the teamwork that i learnt will help me throughout my entire life, especially when I get my job when I’m older

Understanding: What was important about it? I think that the teamwork we learnt in this project is really important because me and my team sometimes had some difficulties working together but we learnt how to control that.

remembering: What did I do? I took the photos. our challenge was to move straight in rotations degrees and seconds. my group has completed that challenge while having a few teamwork issues but we did manage to get through it in the end. I’m really excited to receive our next challenge 


lego robotics week 1 bilding and moving forward

me Zali and Sophie built our first robot on Friday, it took most of the day but we managed to do it and get some programming done too.

our robot Bud can now go straight.

our robot is called Toothless but we want to make his name Bud, but we couldn’t get to the butten  so we where stuck with Toothless.

Day 3 – Port View

This week we focused on port view. Port view helps us measure degrees and rotations. To use port view you have to slide your robot up and down. we had trouble with getting the degrees to 0. and whenever we got it to 0 someone would bump our robot or table.