OTTT film pitch

Hello every one. This is my OTTT film pitch. I have chosen the old Geelong Gaol as my place. The old Geelong gaol (located on Myer’s St.) shut down in 1991 so don’t worry. The school will allow us to shoot there though, I don’t see why they wouldn’t if it was occupied. (go figure) But still, in 1991 the laws in our workplaces, public areas and even our homes were no more than a light in the horizon. Stuff like banning smoking. So the prisoners could by there favourite cigarettes at the prison shop and puff away in there sells. And what’s worse, NO TOILETS! only buckets. And no air conditioning or heating. There were hanging at the gaol also. There are many, many story’s that I could choose for this subject but I’m going to choose the story of the school girls that lived there. This you may not of herd of before. Between 1865 and 1871 the Geelong Gaol served as a home for a number of girls who were found to have no home at the time of the gold rush. They lived down at the veer back of the gaol. Away from the physio killers and maniacs. This story is worth telling because I don’t think you would have heard it before. Some of the filming techniques I might use are:

  • a walk through
  • a interview
  • some fake stuff. (we’re going to a prison and filming stuff there. you cant expect that I’m not going to have fun)


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  1. Mrs. Flakemore · August 21, 2017 at 11:57 am ·

    This is excellent Takoda! You have included a great storyline in your own words which I can very easily ‘envisage’ the type of Documentary ‘journey’ you will be taking us on. You have also very cleverly included some details of the filmmaking techinques you are proposing to utilise which is wonderful! Just what I was asking for…well done!