Passion project shearing

Today I saw 4 more passion projects. Again they were all awesome. But I’m not going to write about my top 3 today because they were all good.


Topic: Gymnastic tricks.

Constrictive criticism: Maybe add in the bloopers. If there were any.

Why did I love it: Asha, you made all the flips and whatnot look so easy. I felt like randomly flipping across the room. Evan though I obviously can’t flip as well as you but you made me fell like I could.



Topic: She made pjamas.

Constructive criticism:  um….. I don’t know

Why did I love it: Hannah. WOW! You can make some awesome stuff. I am really impressed.

Oli. H’s

Topic: Aviation music video

Constructive criticism: I wouldn’t change it.

Why did I love it: It was very calming.


Topic: Mountain bike riding.

Constructive criticism: Maybe add some more about why you like it and that next time.

Why did I love it: It just looked so cool. I would love to do that.

Thanks to all of the people who sheared today. They were all so good.


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  1. Elly · June 22, 2017 at 5:58 pm ·

    nice but because I was not there I need a little more detail