digital etiquette

5\6\20 after school Texting

“HI Sara”

“Hi Zoe. sup?”

“Ugh. I have to re sit a math test. ^o^.”

” HA HA HA u suck. ;)”

“What’s the big idea Sara?”

“What? I was just kidding.”

“You shouldn’t joke about stuff like that. You need to remember Netiquette.”

“What? OMG I love that flavoured milk!”

“No! Not NESQUIK. Netiquette is just like etiquette except online.”

“Why do we need netiquette? I mean we are friends right. We can joke to and about each other yeah?”

“To a point. Of course we can joke to each other but its better when its face to face. when we joke in TXT’s we might not understand that it is a joke because we don’t have facial expressions.”

“What about emoji’s.”

“Oh Sara. If only you knew. A emoji could never amount to you.”

“OH. OK. can I still use them when I TXT you?”

“If you want to”

” 🙂    *O*    :}     : ]     😀    :P.”

6\6\20 Sara’s news website

“Donald Trump has re considered his renewable energy deal with France. Please comment with any information I have left out.”

commenter said: “Here’s some information. You suck.”

Sara said: “Hey dude. Don’t be mean. You need to remember netiquette.”

commenter said: “Forget what I said yesterday about Netiquette. I cant believe you listened. Are you a softie? “an emoji could never amount to you. LOL!”

Sara: “ZOE! What I thought you were my friend!”


7\6\17 school

Zoe: “Hi Sara.”

Sara: “Don’t hi Sara me!”

Zoe: “Is there something wrong?”

Sara: “You called me a softie on my news website!”

Zoe: “No I didn’t! That would of been that girl in year twelve two years ago that really didn’t like us.  She works for Telstra now.  She is probably what is known as trolls. They go around the internet looking for trouble. The start things called flame wars. Flame wars are started with flaming which could be just a mean comment.”

Sara: “Thanks Zoe. If only she knew, once your message is out its out.”

Zoe: “That is true, but why is that?”

Sara: “Because now I believe she is going to be fired.”

Zoe: “That is true.”

6\6\17 after school texting

“Hi Zoe. Thx 4 teaching me more about netiquette 2day. Its really good that I know how to be safe and all that stuff because people need to know about that to be safe from, what were the called? monsters? unicorns? Oh year trolls. By the way how did that maths test go? Or was that on Monday? or Tuesday? Any way good luck. Did you know my school computer glitches. But its ok. An ITC leader in my class helped me fix it. C U 2morrow then. Have a good sleep. Sara.”

“Your very welcome Zoe but remember that another part of netiquette is  communicating your message clearly. don’t make you messages to long.”


“Sorry forgot to add that you should use whole words to make you message clearer.”



Sara: “Hi Zoe.”

Zoe: “Hi Sara.”

Sara: “Remember that selfie we took a wile a go?”

Zoe: “Yes.”

Sara: “Well I thought that that was the best angle I have ever seen so I posted it on my photo gallery website.”

Zoe: “You should always ask people for there permission before you post stuff.”

Sara: “Oh my gosh I am so sorry. I will delete it right now….”

Zoe: “Is it on private?”

Sara: “Yes.”

Zoe “Then its fine by me. Just ask next time.”

Sara “ok.”

Zoe “If you ever need to learn any more about netiquette visit”

Sara “Brain pop?”

Zoe “Yeah. You will meet these guys. Tim and Moby.”