Win at the fair

At the start of this topic Mrs Flakemore had a strange background. She had a picture of those little clowns that you see at the fair. Then she wrote something on the board. “Why is the fair so unfair?” We came up with a lot of things that could explain why the fair is unfair. Then we were given a board game called “win at the fair.” At this point we were all thinking that this was a joke. We had just talked about why the fair is unfair and now we are talking about how to win. So we were given the chance to play with the game and guess how to play.  Then we learned how to play. So we played so games for a bit then we did a tally of how much money we won. Then I ran some tests on maths 300. What I learn from this is that you get ripped off. You average payout inset very much. That means that you could win 1000 dollars playing 100 games and not leave with much more that you started off with. (Please note: It is $1.00 to play one game.)

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  1. Mrs. Flakemore · May 30, 2017 at 12:58 pm ·

    Hmmm…an interesting reflection Takoda. It is always good to know how the lesson has been received. I appreciate the work you have put into this post so well done!