THINK online

Waring: The following scenario’s are fake and did not happen.  


4:00. pm 5\5\17 Texting in the car.

“Hi Zoe. Do you want to come to my house to finish that essay tonight?”

“Yeah sure Sara. I would love to.”

“Awesome! Now the only question is are you smart enough to finish it.”

“Hey. That is mean. I don’t think I will come to your house tonight.”

“I’m sorry Zoe. I was kidding. I forgot to put a LOL in there. Will you forgive me and still come to my house.”

“Sure. Your forgiven.”


5:00 pm 5\5\17 At Sara’s house.

“Hi Sara.”  “Hi Zoe.”  “So, lets get this essay finished.” “Sure. One minute. Can I get a picture for my face book page?” “No thanks.” “Ok.” She took the photo anyway.

1:00 am 6\5\17 Sara’s face book page

A hacker hacked onto Sara’s face book page. He took the photo of Sara and Zoe studying and put there heads on a photo of two heavily armed burglars that he found online. He deleted the photo of Sara and Zoe and put the picture of there heads on the burglars body on his face book page. He replaced the text down the bottom that said “So excited! Nearly finished our project.” With “Look what I saw today. Called the police but they couldn’t get there in time.”

11:00 am 6\6\17 Sara and Zoe’s school. In detention.

“Girls. Do you know why you are here?” “No.” “No.” “What were you doing last night?” “Studying.” “Then how do you explain this?” Shows photo on hackers Facebook page.  “WE SO DID NOT DO THAT!” “The thing is I don’t believe you. I mean, I read this man’s face book page every day. He never tells a lie. I need to call your parents in.”

11:30 am 6\6\17 waiting for parents.

“How did this happen?” “I don’t know. Actually I think I do. Remember last night when I asked you if you wanted to take a selfie for my face book page?” “Yes.” “You said no, but I took it anyway. I put it on my page.” “On private?” “No.” “SARA!” “But it gets worse. It disappeared this morning. Completely of the face of the media earth.”   “Or maybe… There was this thing I saw on the news last night. This hacker guy. He used to be a photo shop artist but know he hakes peoples social media cites.” “You don’t think….” “I do think.” “But we need proof.” “You saved the pic yeah.” “yes.” “show them that and tell them everything we just worked out.” “YES! Sara.” “Yes Zoe.” “I’m very upset for what you did.” “I’m sorry.” “mmm…”

Lucky the hacker was arrested latter that week because the teacher believed the girls. But it could of ended worse.