The cut out by Jack Heath

The cut out by jack heath

Besmar and Kamau are two little countries placed between Russia and Ukraine. They have been at war since before your grandparents, grandparents, parents were born. The two countries are safety separated by a long strip of land they call “the dead zone.”  On a completely different subject, Fero Dremovich is a 14-year-old boy from Towzhik in Kamau. His life is fairly normal. Until he is arrested and a computer at the police station recognised him as a very dangerous Besmari spy. When the Kamauans secret services (AKA the library) are convinced that Fero is not a Besmari spy they send him on a life threating mission to find a Kamauan spy who is known for cheating death. These characters will make you laugh and cry and there adventures will have you at the edge of your seat.

This book was a bit hard to understand at first because there were some topics that I didn’t understand but when I got about 5 pages in I was absolutely hocked. I give this book an 8.09\10.       I recommend this book for anyone who loves adventure, action and a bit of unexpected surprises. However, I do not recommend it if you are scared easily. Stay tuned for my next reading rant on the sequel to this book, “The fail safe.” (DO NOT READ MY NEXT RANT WITHOUT READING THE CUT OUT! I BEG YOU DO NOT.)