Middle school my brother is a big fat liar by James Patterson


Hi. Today my reading rant is about… Well just read the title. So take everything you know about Rafe Khatchadorian and completely flush it down the sink because this story is from the perspective of his sister Georgia khatchadorian. You know Rafe as a fun loving (little bit naughty) guy who means no harm. Georgia, on the other hand, sees him as a big FAT LIAR!!!

Georgia goes to school at HVMS (hills village middle school) and has very strong feelings for Rafe (most of the time the felling is not love). She is starting grade 6 at HVMS and is certain that she will be loved by all teachers. But Rafe has already made his mark on the Khatchadorians at HMVS and it isn’t good. But still Georgia is convinced se can at least make friends. Rafe is convinced otherwise. So they have a bet. Rafe bets that she will NOT make friends this semester. Georgia bets she will and if she does makes friends Rafe dose her chores for a the rest of the year. And vice versa. Georgia is convinced she has this in the bag. Until she meets the princesses. The princesses are the coolest group in HMVS. The have perfect skin and teeth and style and everything. The hunt out the uncool people and find the weakness and make fun of it. They found it easy with Georgia. Because…. You have to read the book to find out. Georgia thinks all is lost. She will never make friends. It’s a small school and rumour spreads fast. But not for Rhonda. Rhonda is a friendly, loud and kind girl who believes strongly in people. But those good qualities are easy to look past for Georgia. Because of how she talks. VERY LOUD! SHE SPEACKS VERRY LOUD! COULD THIS REALLY BE GEORGIAS FRIEND. She doesn’t think so. Beside Georgia’s problems at school she has Rafe who is constantly teasing and pranking her.

In my opinion at the start is wasn’t as good as the others but if you want good stuff from this book KEEP READING! I give this book a 5.5\10.


  1. Mrs Stafford · April 21, 2017 at 6:31 am ·

    Well done Tako! This does sound like an interesting book yet it Is surprising that you only rated it 5.5 / 10.
    In future, you should contain more critique in your rant and less of an overview of the plot as it takes up a lot of your content in this post and isn’t necessary. 🙂

  2. Mrs Stafford · May 1, 2017 at 3:50 pm ·

    Well done Takoda! I am not sure why but I am only just seeing this rant now. The detail in your plot description is brilliant however, your critique is lacking. Please find more of a balance in your next rant.