The 1st term. The 9th week and the 40th day of year 6.


This term has been an amazing one. With getting to know your teachers and classmates, film school, how to films, camp. Just to name a few highlights. Sadly this term too shall pass. It’s week 9. The last week of the term. (I did not know until today.) So to wrap up this term let us look at tacos top five.

Tacos top 5

Hello my good citizens of year 6. Today on tacos top five, you will read about my top five things I have done this term. These top five things are things I have enjoyed, learned from and have changed me forever. So let us get started.

  1. Problem solving. In problem solving, I have been taking classes with Mr. Hopper. They are fun because of the fun math games that we play. It is also challenging, but that is good because when I am challenged with a question, sum, or anything, I remember the answer better.
  2. Sport. I have loved playing tennis for summer sport. When I started, I did not really like tennis that much but after the experience, I now have more confidence in playing tennis. I was challenged most on the carnival day. Because it was SO, HOT! Nevertheless, we all just kept   going. And we got pens at the end.  So it’s all good. 👍
  3. Writer’s workshop. I love writing. Because it’s a way that I can express myself. The hard part of writing for me is finding the right place to put all my feelings and descriptions in the right place.

Inquiry. (I would of written film school or how 2 films but I couldn’t decide which one was better so I must put subtitles)

Film school

It was great to learn about all the different cameras, microphones, programs (really only one program), shots and movements, ways of planning, the audio and all the rest. I was constantly thinking about what I could do with it all.

How 2 films

The time has come to put all our knowledge from film school to action. We have made our first film. It is an instructional film of our choice. Milly k, Sophie, lulu and I made a film about the basic skills of netball. We are now nearly finished the postproduction stage. The difficult part of our how 2 films was probably the pre-production. It’s a lot like taking a stab in the dark before you get the hang of it. It is hard to show the audience what it is meant to look and sound like. but the production was hard to. We had to shear our set (the gym) with one basketball film and another netball film and the ELCs or the year 8s in the other gym. I wish I took a photo now. It was pretty funny all the film crews and classes cramped into one gym. Nevertheless, we all managed just fine. But the post-production stage was pretty hard as well. Milly and Sophie edited it (try saying those words) while lulu did her RVE project and I was the person that the editors asked if they didn’t know how to do something on premier pro cc 2017. So I watched YouTube videos about premier pro cc 2017.

  1. My favorite part of term four was drum roll please. CAMP! I loved camp. My favorite part was blowing, MSAC, ACMI, Hosiar lane, the arts center, the MCG, SYN radio and well everything. I just loved camp!

Thanks for reading my blog post. See you again in term 2.