Wireless systems


Today in in inquiry we did a clinic (big surprise) called wireless systems.

There are 2 types of wireless systems. The wireless lapel and the wireless microphone. (Sorry I can’t find picture of a lapel) first let’s talk about the lapel. The lapel looks like a long wire (still wireless) with a very small microphone on the end and a clip that can attach to your pocket or your collar (But it wouldn’t be a good idea to attach it to your collar because that would be to close and it would pick up your breath.) That attaches to this flat looking thing with the letter T on it. (you can put it in your pocket) T stands for transmitter. Another flat looking thing is attached to the camera. This one has the letter R on it. R stands for receiver. So what you say in the small microphone is carried through that wire and is put in the transmitter and transferred to the receiver where it is then put in the video. All in a split second. Remember: to turn on flat things and to CHAREGE FLAT THINGS. Presenters and hosts usually use lapels. know these people? Next time you see them on TV look for their lapels. remember this dude from family feud? (see what I did?) next weekday at 6:00 look for his lapel. Now let’s talk microphones. Not that type of microphone. This is a talking microphone. Image result for man talking in microphone looking bordTo turn this microphone on you need to press the button. (I know SO HARD.) It automatically connects to the camera. (SO MUCH WORK WITH THIS. I think I will just use the lapel.) If the audio sounds all fuzzy then its battery needs changing. Thanks for reading. Now go buy yourself a lapel and microphone and make an awesome movie!!!



  1. Mrs Stafford · March 1, 2017 at 2:23 pm ·

    Great work Takoda. Be careful of your use of sarcasm in blog posts … sometimes the message gets lost when in writing. 🙂

    • Takoda · March 4, 2017 at 10:21 am ·