Royalty free music


Today on blog news we talk about the biggest problem facing YouTube today. Illegal copyright. When you have music that doesn’t belong to you on your video your video will be blocked. The saddest part is that some people don’t know that they are doing it. And the people who know that they are doing it don’t know that there is a way to not. But there is a way. It’s called

it’s a website with royalty free sounds. I’m not saying that by royalty free that they aren’t the queen of England in saying that you can use them in your YouTube videos as long as you credit Bensound. (if you are one of those produces who doesn’t believe in royalty free music and thinks it’s a scam don’t bother commenting) Bensound + YouTube = good. Downloading from YouTube + YouTube video = bad. Thanks for your time. Takoda reporting to you not so live from this post. WHAT! Did you say you don’t believe in the quality of Bensound? Well here is a sample of quality for you.

I call that quality. Don’t you?



  1. Mrs Stafford · March 1, 2017 at 2:22 pm ·

    Well done!
    And yes, the quality is great! 🙂

    • Takoda · March 4, 2017 at 10:20 am ·

      thanks and yes the quality