Green screen

NO LOCK. NO FANS. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the rules that come with the responsibility to the green screen room. Remember them yes but now let’s get right down to business. Let’s talk about the three important things, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION.


We have the lights so the casts don’t cast a shadow on the green screen. Because how wired would it look if you had, say, a video of someone swimming in the ocean and you had this massive shadow. That is also why both lights on the same mode.

Camera (frame)

YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY WALL IN THE FRAME. It may be the most obvious thing in this whole post. If you were watching a movie like harry potter and they were playing Quidditch and there was a huge slab of white on the side what would you think. And remember if you are doing a P.T.C with a green screen to stand to the left so the viewers can see whatever is on the green screen.


let’s get down to bring ing the green screen to life.

  1. First do something in front of your green screen and video it.
  2. Transfer it to your computer and save it somewhere.
  3. Open adobe premiere pro cc 2017 and put the video in.
  4. I would love to show or tell you how to do change the green into the background but I have forgotten how to a few steps. (trust me I racked my brain to remember and even got on to the software and still couldn’t.) sorry.

I hope I at least taught you a little bit today. So sorry that I couldn’t teach you what you wanted to learn. but I will recap first thing Monday. 🙂


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  1. Mrs Stafford · March 1, 2017 at 6:48 am ·

    Excellent work Takoda! 🙂