P.T.C (Peace to camera)

P.T.C (Piece to camera)

“Listen now children. This is a story about 3 years six classes that had there fist separate film school clinics. King Henderson, Queen Stafford and Princess Williamson declared three clinics will be held in period 3 and 4. So everyone in the year 6 community signed up for two clinics. They could choose between camera angels, point and shoot or P.T.C. So let the adventure of P.T.C begin….” “Cut.”  “Why did we cut? I was going fine.” “Yes you were until you looked down at your script. You can’t do that. You’re doing a piece to camera. You have to look at the camera all the time. Let’s go from where you were up to. And action.” “The adventure begins with da king Henderson and his subjects phat chose da P.T.C clinic. Day talked about how ta do a good P.T.C.” “CUT.” “Why did we cut again?” “You where mumbling. It sounded really bad. No one can understand you. Have you warmed up your voice today?” “No I haven’t. I probably should. I will warm up with the warm up that Mr. Henderson taught me the other day.” “Do I want to know?” “Of course you do. It’s so cool. Here is a step by step guide.”

Mr. Henderson’s actors warm up

  1. Rub hands. Feel them getting hot? Good.
  2. Put your hands on your face.
  3. This bit is going to be a little bit weird but stretch your face then squish your face. Don’t be scared if you’re doing this then you’re an actor anyway or you’re in year 6. Either way you will do a lot weirder things than massage your face.
  4. Now poke your tong out. As far as you can. Like you had just finished an eat it or wear it tucker trial on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.
  5. Now say this “dadadada.” Fast.
  6. Now do some tong twisters. Try these Image result for unique new yorkunique new YorkImage result for red leather yellow leather.  red leather, yellow leather. .
  7. “That’s a pretty awesome warm up.” “Don’t thank me, thank Mr. Henderson.” “Ok so now we need to do the P.T.C.” “Right.” “And action.” “So king Henderson taught his subjects that did the piece to camera (or P.T.C) clinic to do a P.T.C you don’t look anywhere but the camera, you don’t mumble, you always need to warm up, you need to look passionate, you need to look like you care and keep your eye line perfect with the camera.” “And cut”. “Finally. Are we done now?” “Yes.” “Excuse me Mr. producer.” “Yes.” “Who else, I mean apart from me, dose P.T.C’s?” “Well. The people on the news do P.T.C’s. These people do P.T.C’s as well. Do you know them?” “Yeah I know them. There on after family feud. Wait a minute. Grant Danya dose P.T.C’S all the time.” “Yes. He does. If you ever need to do a bit more practice on your P.T.C’s then you can grab mate and ask them to hold up a fist and that’s the camera. Do your P.T.C to their fist.” “Thanks. You taught me a lot of great stuff today.” “Your welcome. Keep up the good P.T.C’s.”



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  1. Mrs Stafford · February 15, 2017 at 3:12 pm ·

    This is a very elaborate post Takoda. 🙂