point and shoot

Today we started our inquiry clinics. I did P.T.C (peace to camera (you will learn about that in the separate blog post)) and point and shoot photography. We used analogue cameras. Located on the to is the on\off switch and the photo taking button. located at the front is the screen, the zoom in\out, the flash, the enter, the trash, the mode and the play back. After we took our photos we hap to:

  1. Dump the photos on to one person in the groups laptop
  2. That person makes a folder for the photos.
  3. That person sends all the photos to the buddies in there group.

before we went to take photos we learned the rule of thirds.


What to do in the rule of thirds is line up the main thing in the photo with one of the intersecting lines. I also noted down what to think about.

  1. The background. You could have you background blurred if you wanted it. But think about when you would want a blurred background. Mabey if you took a picture of a bird on a flower you might blur the background but if you took a picture of a lot trees in perfect rows then you wouldn’t blur the background. think about that.
  2. The frame. Natural frames. Like this one   Image result for pictures with natural frames or this one  unlike this Related image
  3. Our big task was to so that’s what we did.

Here is one of the photos my group took.




  1. Mrs Stafford · February 13, 2017 at 5:32 am ·

    This is a very elaborate post Takoda. Well done! 🙂