Why make a film

Are you like me? Do you always think about something and why people do it before your mind completely explodes and you just cant be bothered thinking any more? Well read this blog post.

Today we had our fist ever film school lesson. We asked this question. (sorry about the messy writing. It was done one this laptop. Bit hard.) As a human with a passion for acting and a hobby of writing scripts I ask my self that question sometimes. I never usually answer it for my self but it will be good to be able to find out hopefully lots of answers and also make a said film. All while at school and learning lots. So lets cut to the chase. Why make a film? Well here you.


  1. Entertainment. Most movies are made for entertainment. lets use my all time favourite movie “back to the future” as an example. The (awesome) director Steven Spielberg made the movie for entertainment purposes only I think. Well I’m pretty sure that he didn’t make it for education purposes. you don’t here your teacher say “Ok kids. Today we are learning about the most amazing scientific invention ever. The time  machine inside a car.”
  2. Money. Again lets use Steven Spielberg as an example. According to paywizard.org Annually he makes USD $100,000,000.00. THAT IS A TRUCK LOAD OF DOLLAR$ IN ONE YEAR. When (according to “THE RICHEST” ) Michael J. fox (main character actor) made $250,000 for back to the future part one. (according to “Chron”) In 2011 the lowest 10 per cent of actors salary was around $8.79 hourly when the highest was around $90 hourly. So really you got to be super passionate to be an actor. Most of the time you don’t get paid much.
  3. The second reason I sort of just said they love doing it. Some people out there just really love acting(like me).
  4. Info. Think. Have you seen a ad lately. That is a film. It gives you info. “Come to the Toyota show room. and maybe drive home in one.” Its informing you on there new models.
  5. To get a message out. I don’t really have an example here but I will make up one. Say someone made a video about cyber awareness. That would be informing you but also getting that message out.
  6. A story. (Sort of the same as entertainment.) perfect example again, back to the future. It’s a story. Also I’m going to point out (for you info) that this entertaining story film also has a message. “You write your future”. So even though it may seem like just entertainment look deeper.

So they are some of the things we talked about today. We also thought about the audience. so what I mean is you wouldn’t make a film about, say, politics for a five year old. and you wouldn’t make a film about Chloe the magical flying unicorn for your teachers. We also talked about how to be a good presenter. Not like Steve price.(Who is by the way a fully trained journalist not just a presenter) Like any sort of human in font of the camera. We thought of these:

  1. Atmosphere. You wouldn’t film a film about world war 2 at a circus with happy people. Think about it.
  2. Emotion. Obviously its great to have some humour in your films if its a happy film with a topic like a film advertising the holidays but not for a sad film like a info film with the topic of global worming.
  3. Look like you care. Even if you don’t. It makes the film so much more interesting.

At this clinic I learned why the big names in the film making business (Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp, Charlie Chaplin, Tom hanks, you get it) do what they do. (Or for some of them what they did) And I was challenged here by keeping up with all the note taking. I wonder what I can do now?


  1. Mrs Stafford · February 13, 2017 at 5:43 am ·

    Lots of great detail in this post Takoda. Well done 🙂

    • Takoda · February 13, 2017 at 7:22 am ·

      Thank you. A little research was necessary but nothing was to much.