It’s the final blog post


Hi everyone today I bring you the final blog post. I will talk about my top 4 favourite things that we have done this year. I have also made a short video of stuff that we have done this year. but I cant post this.

#4 pom poms. I loved the pom-pom making because I have always wanted to learn how to make them and it was really fun to just sit and weave and talk to friends while you are learning something

#3 inter school sport. I loved inter school sports because I learned something. SOCCER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I now love soccer. My #1 favourite day that I played soccer in sport was that Thursday that it rained lots. Rain + oval. Mud. Normally = no soccerL but not today. We played in the freezing cold and the bucketing rain. And we “accidently” fell in the mud. But at the end Geelong College and Kardinia College, mortal enemies in the Mach, forgot that they wernt allies and all jumped in the mud together. It was so fun.

#2 English. I loved English this year. When things happen to me I have a description for writing in my head and this year I have learned how to make the most of that. And we have also read some really good books like, just a dog, Blackwater, holes and the honest truth. These books have all given me great messages.

#1 camp. I loved camp this year. I started hanging out with people that I don’t normally and I loved it. And I love the giant slide (falling off was supper but I will be responsible and not recommend it) the zip line was so fun that I can’t really explain it right here right now. And I love the just dance videos that we danced to. Also the trivia night was supper. But mostly I just love hanging out with my friends and some new friends.

I would like to thank my friends who are awesomely amazing and supportive and my teacher Mr. Colbert who has helped me understand through maths lots better this year (and of course everything else).