The honest truth


We are reading the book “the honest truth” in English at the moment. There are various front covers. We are reading this one. the-honest-truthThere is also this one22571259-_uy475_ss475_ andcimg8388????? Today Mr. Colbert asked us to answers these question……. Wait a minute if I told you the question now you would have no idea what I am talking about. I would be like you asking me “if bob told john about Mel’s pet shark then why would the world explode?” I would have no idea what you are talking about. Well this story has nothing to do with Bob and John and Mel’s pet shark. It’s about a boy named mark who has cancer. And he is sic of hospitals and treatment so he ran away to climb mount. Rainier. So instead of having a longer life full of hospitals and treatments he can have a shorter life with things that he wants to do. But when he ran away his mom and dad called the police to come and look for him. And he put the police on a different trail. He also has a friend named Jessie who was very worried about mark when he left so after she asked his parents the real reason why he left she knew that he was going to mount. Rainer. So this leads us to our questions:


  1. Should Jessie tells the police

I think that she shouldn’t because, really, let’s face it. No matter how much treatment mark is on he will die at some point. Everyone dose. So he may as well live a good short life instead of a horrible long one.


  1. what would be the consequences of both choices

There are good sides to both choices. The good side to not telling is that her friend gets to do the one thing he has always wanted to do before he dies. But the bad side to that is he might die and then Jessie and his parents might never see him again. The good side to telling is that she might get her best friend back and his parent will get there son but the bad side of telling is that mark won’t have a good rest of life.

So that’s what I think about this book so far. BeyJ.



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  1. Zara · October 29, 2016 at 8:30 am ·

    That was really well explained Takoda. Well done !!