The tower of Hanoi


Today in maths we learned about the tower of Hanoi pulse. After it was invented by Lucas Edourd Lucas made up a story that he claims is true. It’s probably not. You be the judge.

The story of the tower of Hanoi that is supposably true but really isn’t

Once upon a time….. No our story shouldn’t start like that. Once, (better) there was 3 tall (like I’m talk ‘in really tall) needles sticking out of the ground. So god strung 64 gold discs on them big too small and every day the priests moved one disc to another pole and played the game according to these rolls.

  1. You can only move one at a time.
  2. You can’t put a big one on a small one
  3. You have to try to get all the disks to another needle playing by these rolls

And when they finish everything in the universe will crumble to dust and in a thunder clap the earth will cease to be.


So we all played the game according to the same rolls but we didn’t move one a day and we don’t have 64 solid gold ones that we are taking off MASSIVE needles. We have 4 paper discs and we don’t actually have any needles. We are just moving them from spot to spot. Like this. So we worked out how many moves we will need. For instants.  capture

That is how as much as I have worked out. In maths tomorrow or Thursday I will do some more to work more out. Thanks for reading my blog postJ.