Robo dance


Hi. Today in design we worked on our robo dance. We worked on our own dance. We decided that our robots dances are a bit well, just scraping the surface. And our choreography is better. Much better. So we changed the robots dance to do almost exactly what we do.

Here is what we do

  1. Angels (Asha Maya) walk out spin around 3 times then wave their arms
  2. Devils (Hannah me) walk out and wave our arms
  3. Maya possesses me and I frees, my hands in Brocken heart positon while Hannah dose the same to Asha
  4. Hannah and Maya spin three times then place our hands in love heart position.
  5. We all run back to starting position.
  6. Maya dose cartwheel then runs to the wall.
  7. Asha dose cool flip thing then runs to the wall.
  8. Hannah dose spin shuffle (spin with one leg up and spinning without leg that’s up touching the ground) then runs to the wall.
  9. I do box step then run to wall.
  10. We lift our arms in a cannon (in order of, Asha, Maya, Hannah, Takoda).
  11. We lower arms in same order cannon.
  12. We get in lines (Takoda Hannah and Asha Maya) looking at the person op-a-set from them.
  13. We stare at the person op-a-set from them (Takoda Maya and Hannah Asha).
  14. Look at person in the same line (Takoda Hannah and Maya Asha).
  15. Takoda stare at Asha (swapped with Maya), Maya stare at Hannah.
  16. Turn and look at the person beside you (Takoda Hannah and Asha Maya.)
  17. Asha push Takoda and Hannah push Maya.
  18. Asha and Maya shuffle spin.
  19. Asha help Maya up and Hannah to Takoda.
  20. Maya do something and run to the wall then Asha dose something, then Hannah, then Takoda.
  21. Then everyone marches on the spot.
  22. Frees.

The end.