Day 4 @ DD


Today we really got into it. It was so exciting getting right into it. We have taken almost the entire computer apart. And we laid them all out on a piece of paper. Here is the picture we took. win_20161014_12_13_49_proD.D is so fun. We are going to do robotics for a week now. And then I can post more about D.D. here are my favourite parts of the computer so far.

Takoda favourite parts of the computer so far and why

  1. Screen. I love the screen because I could never understand how to pull the screen off. So pulling it off was a big OMG moment for me. And I never under stood how the screen works. Because you push a key and then the letter shows up on the screen!!!!!!
  1. Keys. I love the keys because (like the screen) you press a key and some common miracle happens. The letter shoes up on the screen. There must be wires under each key with a program in each wires that connects onto the screen.  Now there’s something you can’t program on scratch. And I like it also because they are fun to pull off.
  1. The fan. Believe it or not there is a fan in the computer that we pulled apart. I like it because it is really cool. There are wires coming off it connecting to some program chip. So it’s pretty cool.
  1. The plastic sheet over the computer screen. I love the plastic sheet over the commuter screen because it changed the way I see computer screens. Think what you see on the computer screen is maybe not what is there. Because I hold the plastic sheet over the computer screen near my eyes and put my hand under it I can see two hands. One over another. The one underneath is darker and the one over the top is lighter. That is just so mind blowing because there are 2 of them over the commuter screen. So what does it do to the aperients.

Thanks for reading my blog post.