Year 8 cr8


Today we went to see the year 8 cr8 projects. Before I tell you about my favourite year 8 cr8 project I need to tell you what the year 8 cr8 project is.

He year 8 cr8 project is a project for all year 8 students to do. It is when everybody has to make something of their own. There was almost everything there. From video games to skateboard ramps. From awesome photography to spray painted sit in lawnmowers. From awesome cakes to……. Well I think you get the point. My allotment favourite was

The Pinball machine

The pinball machine was a big diagonal board that has a ramp going from the middle to near the top and two bells on both side and a bent piece of wood on both sides acting as a ramp. Then down the bottom there are also bent pieces of wood and some elastic band acting as a ramp. Then lower there are moving pieces of wood that you have to try to keep the balls up with. And that thing that you pull the thing back and the ball comes out and the gam beings. And there is an amazing picture of what looks like someone surfing at the beach. Here are the plans to make it. win_20161013_13_22_20_pro win_20161013_13_22_14_pro win_20161013_13_22_31_prowin_20161013_13_22_23_pro win_20161013_13_22_38_pro win_20161013_13_22_45_pro win_20161013_13_22_54_pro win_20161013_13_23_01_pro win_20161013_13_23_01_pro win_20161013_13_23_12_pro win_20161013_13_23_18_pro Here is a picture of the pin ball machine. win_20161013_13_18_42_proThanks for reading my blog post.