Day 2 @ robo dance


Today I can type in my analysation of the song wings by delta Goodrem. Here it is.


Verse 1: 00: 23

Pre Corus 1: 00:15

Corus 1: 00:25

Verse 2: 00:16

Pre Corus 2: 00:15

Corus 2: 00:33

Piano solo: 00:8

End half of Corus: 00:8

Corus 3: 00:52

End music: 00:9


The whole song goes for 3:25 so I had to cut it. We finished our pseudocode. Here it is. I am programing the devil.

  1. Walks out 2.5 rotation
  2. Waves arms mysteriously.
  3. Walk forward 1.5 rotations
  4. Gets chased back into archway 3 rotations
  5. Waits (we haven’t calculated how long yet) while angel preforms
  6. Comes back forward 3 rotations

That is what we have done so far and this is my program so far.


The arrow             this brick means                this brick       this brick means       this brick means

As you know         that at 50 percent            the devil         the same thing         that at 50 percent

Means play           speed move 2.5                 will rotate      except with the        the devil will move

Rotations forward.            Its arm           other arm.                 Forward 1.5.

160, 2 times.


So that’s our dance so far. See you next design session.