10 seconds that took forever\ my camp reflection



“Yes I’m ready.” Three short words that launched my next adventure.

It was at least the fifth time that I had gone done the raged strip of rubber that we called a slide. I wouldn’t say it was getting boring. Just when I rush down, instead of a screaming silently. I smile an unseen smile. But my heart still pounds just the same when I climb on to the mattress. And when Rachel, the slide operator, asked me if I was ready I didn’t hesitate to answer. But when she pushed me down my mind still spins like a hula hoop. But there is a couple of seconds where the colours still spin and the mattress still zips over bumps and turns, but every things seems slow, apart from the spin of colours, and quiet, apart from the delicate song that the birds sing. And that is all I feel until the silence and stillness is broken by the excitement people waiting warning me “PUT YOU LEGS UP!!!!!!” so I could land on my feet not my face. But now it had come to a decision. Should I go down one more time? Yes I will. No harm will come of it. Well that’s what I thought before I went down that last time. Wow was I wrong.

As I climb the rocky terrain to the platform my heart still beats like a drum. But somehow more than all the other times. “Come on” I say to myself as I pant all the way up the hill “how can this be any different than last time.” well it was but no one knew it yet.

Climbing on to platform I feel disappointed that I have decided to finish my turns on the slide but I would I have to finish soon anyway. At his point I didn’t know that even if I didn’t intend to after this slide I would have to go back anyway.

Finally my go. My brain is hard wired to excitement but my heart is beating as if in warning me not to go. “Are you ready?” asked Rachel. This hit me like a rock. My brain was yelling “yeah I’m ready bring it on!!!!!”But my beating heart was telling me “no don’t go. There’s something up here.” I can’t pull out. It would be stupid. I had done this before. I don’t have to listen to what my superstitious side says. But is it Superstitious or sic kick?

Slicing the air, friction sizzling under my matters. Not so bad now. I don’t know why I was so scared. I am about to find out. Because then I did my normal thing and scream when I slide over the bumps in the rubber but I must of turned slightly because my hands flew up and that’s when the bumps and rocks pushed me off the mattress. Then everything was confusing and it all spun like the footage of a go-pro being dropped and I probably only fell for 10 second but those 10 seconds took forever.