Blog posts 4: human nerves system and our programing


How is the human nervous system similar to our EV3 robot? There are ways that they are the same. Believe it or not.

The EV3 brick, that has the program in it, sends messages to the motors that send massages the axels that spin and spin the wheels which makes the whole robot move.

We are using this word system a lot but…………

……… what is a system?

Here are some examples

Is this a system?gitar                I think this is a system because


  1. every thing is conected

    2. There are three parts an If someone were to tune the guitar by twisting the knobs on the head of the guitar it will have an effect on the rest of the instrument.If someone were to play the guitar by strumming the cords the instrument would make a noise                                                                                       3.If we took one part away it would not work

We just found 3  systems for one thing!


Is this system-disney? I think strangely enough this cartoon mouse is a system. But first I need to divide him into 8 parts for better understanding.

Part 1. Earsears

Part 2. Faceface

Part 3. Arms  lara

Part 4. Handsrhlh

Part 5. Shirt\cheatsshirt

Part 6. Legslegs

Part 7. Featfeat

Part 8. Tailtail

I think micky mouse is a system because

  1.  When he puts his arms up his hand come to (because they are attached).
  2. When he puts arms in the air his chest\shirt puffs out
  3. All the parts that I labelled before are all connected
  4. When he puts his arms up his head fly’s back
  5. When he throughs his hands up and his head fly’s back his ears fly back to (because they are attached).
  6. If we took one part away it would not work

We just found 6 reasons why this guy, is a system.






Is this system? freewaythis is one of the most systemey system I have ever seen. Can’t break this up into pieces like micky mouse. I think it is a system because

  1. all of these roads are connected in some way
  2. if you took one road away then it wouldn’t work properly
  3. If one car breaks down then the rest of the highway will be in a traffic jam.
  4. One road will lead somewhere


Is this system?melborne 2 yes this soccer game is a system. Looks like melborne victory vs athletico madrid for you soccer fans out there (like me) but that’s not inportant. What is inportant is weher this is a system or not. I think it is because

  1. lets go 10 seconda into the future this guy headerd the ball and got a goal and won the game. Now lets go back 10 seconds in the pasts and take him away. That rewins the wole system and melborne victory wouldet of won.
  2. There are actulay 2 conection somwhere here. One you cant see or pick up and one you can see and pick up. Infact if you like soccer you probaly use it every day. The first conection, the one you cant see is the conection in the force of kicking the ball. That is actully the foundation of the whole game. And you cant even see it. the second conection is the one you cant see is the ball itself. If we took the ball away the whole game would fall apart.

So there are some egsampels of systems. But you are probaly still asking, WHAT IS A SYSTEM!?!?

Well a system is a group things that are connected and and dose something. for egampel, randomthis is NOT I repeat NOT a system. These are RANDOM DOTS. But this is a of coufull dots a network of dots put that are CONNECTED. So a system is a group of things put that are connected and that dose something that works all the time. And if you take one thing away it wont work proaly. So please don’t tell me you don’t know what a system is. See you latter.bey.