The great take-apart



The following blog post includes talking about taking apart torches, calculators and clothes. If you really like any of these objects and do not wish to see photos of them taken apart, I strongly advise to not read this blog post.

Today in design we TOOK APART TORCHERS, CALCULATORS AND CLOTHES. WHA, HA, HA. I and my team took apart a torch first we drew a diagram of the torch on the outside, what we could see on the outside and what we thought everything we could is from all angels. Then we drew what we thought was on the inside. And as we took the torch apart we drew what we saw. First we unscrew the top and the bottom. Then we took the cover off  when we took the cover we found that the cover was really greasy. That was probably there to keep the cover from coming off. Ops! Then I took the wire cover off. Then I could see all the wires and it looked really cool.  Not as cool as it looked after Vallen removed the light bulb from the top bit and we could see all the wires and the light bulb. It was AWESOME. I learned from this activity that there is so much more to something than what I can see. WIN_20160722_12_33_14_Pro WIN_20160722_12_37_39_Pro WIN_20160722_12_42_13_Pro WIN_20160722_12_52_58_Pro