desgin hunt


Today we all went on a design hunt. So what is a design hunt? We walked around the school taking photos of things designed made or created by humans. We had to choose the best 3 photos and I chose:

  1. A football
  2. A computer
  3. A robot
  1. The computerWIN_20160616_11_50_16_Pro

Hear is a time line of the computer.. The computer evolved from writing. The first form of writing was carving in to rockfirst form of writing. Then some hundred years later the quill pen was madefether. Then the ink pen was in use. Then the led pencil usedled pencil. Then the real change happened a type writer was invented.type It was invented (as most things are) to make something easier. This in particular was made to make writing easier. Then some years after the type writer’s eon a man named Charles Babbage came along with his invention of the computer. the verry firstAnd now we are using them today I am using one to write this and you are using one to read this blog post. I think the next computer evolution will be a computer as small as I iPhone that you can carry around and you don’t need a key board on you tap the program you want and when you need to type something you can just talk to it and it will type what you said.the firstsoftwaresteave jobs


  1. Robots.WIN_20160616_11_49_54_Pro Robots where made to do exactly what humans do so humans didn’t have to do it. there are robots to do all sorts of things. According to the today i found out website the first known robot created by “the father of mechanical engineering” Archytas was created around 400 BC and was a mechanical bird. macanical birdone of the latest robots created is this one:stingray robot

Now my next\3thd\lasts design is a football.WIN_20160616_11_47_16_Pro

The time line of footy\ALF

  1. The aboriginals are believed to have played football at gatherings and fotty 1celebrations. (this information was collected from wicapidia)
  2. Then AFL came. The first game of AFL probably only had two goal posts and there wasn’t enough people getting goals so the added to more. That was a guess not a fact. The first AFL teams wherefirst fotty teams the first footy was made out of woodwood
  3.  Now we have aflfootyand I am sure there will be more adjustments to the game. Thankyou for reading my blog post. see you next time.