Me book


Hi. Today we sheared our me books. Me books are (as the names suggest) are books about me.

What you would learn if you read my me book

  1. My favourite movie is star wars
  2. I like musicals and my favourite musical is matilda
  3. My favourite books are matilda and Percy Jackson
  4. My favourite sports are fencing and soccer

I read Asha’s, Keera and mille a’s me books.

What I learned about Asha from her me book

  1. Her favourite subject is maths
  2. She likes to read
  3. Her favourite sports are tennis and soccer
  4. Her favourite colours are purple, pink and blue

What I learned about Keera from her me book

  1. Her favourite hobby is circus
  2. Her favourite colure is purple
  3. Her favourite movie is minions

What I learned about mille in her me book

  1. Her favourite sport is netball and skiing
  2. Her favourite holiday was Thailand
  3. She goes for the Geelong cats is the footy team
  4. Her favourite position in netball is GR and GD

It was great learning about people that I did not know about.