scratch 10!!!!!


I have finished my game plane crash!!!!! I am starting to write my script for my tutorial. I am going to make a tutorial so I can show other people how to make my game.screen snip with a screen snip from scratchscreen snip with a screen snip from scratch.PNG2

You may need to zoom in to be able to see.

Here is some of my script. So far the people who have played my game are happy with it. (Yay). I hope that people are happy with their game after the watch my tutorial.

My scratch project check list:

  1. The game. Yes.
  2. At least 5 blog post. Yes. (I have 10!)
  3. A script. Half.
  4. A

So that’s it for my 10th blog post in the topic of scratch. Bye. (Remember to do scratch. It is really fun. Look for this symbol. scratch cat)