The rising soul



I sit on edge of the cliff. My mind like a clean floor with one speck of dust, a sea with only one fish, a life with only one purpose, a mind wasted to think of only one thing: come back please. The scenery down the cliff is beautiful. But even the sun is dark in my eyes. The sparkling blue river, laying eyes on it is like seeing pure gold is rushing falls with rugged rocks ripping into the river like depression tearing into my heart. This is a haunted place. So why am I here? I am waiting for someone who will never come. Never. So why do I wait? I can’t go back to life. Too many memorise. Too much sadness. So I wait here. Even hear there are memorise. The strongest memory lives hear. The last memory lives hear. This is the memory: we laugh, we play. We didn’t know the danger we were in. One small step. One small fall. Could be fatal. It was fatal. I remember feeling so afraid. So helpless. It was a terrible filling that I do not wish upon even my worst enemy. I steer down the cliff at the view and it truly is amazing. Green flushing over sparkling blue. Colours swirl and I tear falls down my cheek and down the cliff. There is a slight whisper soft as snow. A human voice hissing like a snake. It was quite but loud enough for my ears to recognise. As soon as I did hear I knew I did not have to wait any more. The voice said only simple words but little things can have a huge influence. The words sunk into me like I was quick sand. And then all the world light up and I returned to life and every time they dark cloud that used to guard my life starts to loom over me I just remember their words. “Do not dwell on the past. Keep your mind open and your heart kind. Forgive me but do not forget me. This is the key to happiness.”