The weekly design review


It’s hard to believe that we have only done scratch for 2 weeks. We have learned and improved so much. And this blog post is THE blog post when I will tell you the scratch project that I will work on until it is the best game that I can make it. Let’s look at the list of games that I have started and not finished. One of these will be elected game that will be the best game I can make.


    The weekly design review

  1. Race car
  2. Plane crash
  3. Soccer game
  4. Star wars game
  5. Monster game
  6. Pac man fever

In just a few minutes…….envilope or right now we will receive an envelope with the answers. So right now I will open the envelope and finding the answers. And the winner is……… drumrollplane crash. Yay! Plane crash is a game that I Invented where you can control a plane and make it go where ever you want but if it crashes into clouds you explode. And the levels keep getting harder. So that’s that scratch weekly review. See you next week.