Scratch 4


Again, in design we worked on scratch. I thought of an awesome Idea but before I tell you the awesome idea I must tell you this.

The rule of copying

In design we actually encourage copying. Not copying as in spying on someone’s scratch project and completely copying it as yours. I mean copying like seeing someone else’s and making it but a bit different.

The awesome idea

So my awesome idea is…..drumroll A STAR WARS GAME!

I know that there is so many star wars games but this one might be a bit different.

This is what happens in my game

What happens in my game

There is a space ship and that is yours. And lots of other space hips come from the right front side of the screen and they are the enemy and all you need to do is shoot the enemy. But           there is a catch. The enemy is shooting at you too.


This game has been awesome fun to make and I can’t wait for design tomorrow. (Remember that recommendation of scratch. Please do some scratch at home.)