Scratch 2


Everyone says the second day is always better than the first. With scratch it is definitely more fun but with fun it there is also a challenge.

Challenges on day one (what I think)

  1. This was a new program and we didn’t know much about it.

Challenges of the first day (after intervening others)

Zara said: “I think making my sprite was difficult because I didn’t really know what to make.”

Charli (furnari) said: “I think finding where everything is and trying to copy the man on the tutorial.”

Evie said: “I think it was hard setting a goal on Scratch.”

Challenges on day 2 (what do I think)

  1. We were making more challenging thing e.g. games instead of animations.
  2. Backgrounds instead of just sprits

Challenges on day 2 (what others say.)

Zara said: “deciding what game to make because there are so many possibilities.”

Evie said: “I couldn’t get on the k drive.”

Thanks for reading my second scratch blog post. Bye.