In class we are reading a book called Blackwater. So far there is boy named Brodie who got very angry and something very bad happened. A girl he liked was on a rock on a rock with a boy. The girls name was Pauline and the boy Otis.  Brodie hid there towels and thongs. Pauline’s legs dangled over the side into the water and Brodie swam up and pulled on her legs so Otis pulled on her arms and then Brodie let go. Otis and Pauline fell into the river. Brodie swam after them but couldn’t go all the way and stopped at an island. Brodie’s cousin Alex watched the whole thing and when they got Brodie off the island and back onto shore he lied to every one about what Brodie did. Sometime later Alex told Brodie the news. The sad news. The news was: “the girl. They found her, she is dead.” some days later they had a delivery at door. It was the towels and the thongs that he buried. After that Alex kept his lie and Brodie did not tell anyone the truth. One day Brodie went for a walk down to the river and saw Otis’s mum looking for Otis. On his way back he saw his friend Hanna she walked him home and told him a story about some bats in a cave. The bats lived in a cave and Hanna’s dad told her not to tell anyone where they lived. But she did. The people that she told went to the cave with explosives and blew up the cave and all the bats. Hanna told her dad instead of hiding it and she felt a lot better and her dad forgave her. She told Brodie that she hated liars. When Brodie went home he found a note that read only one word. “TELL.” I think Hanna left the note and the towels. I that Hanna was there river and she saw everything. Why else would tell the story. Black water is a great book and I recommend it to YOU.