the big day


It was the big day and everyone was excited and a bit nervous. All together I think the day was mostly marked as a success. Most machines of the worked at least once and the viewers where very happy with the machines. Classes, parents and even teachers from other schools came to see our machines. They were happy with our machines and I was to. I would like to some up what learned from the day and the experience of Rube Goldberg machines.

Things I learned from this day

  1. Even when something doesn’t work it can still be good. Why? Because you can learn from that mistake and get it better next time.
  2. If you work really hard it dose pay off, even when some parts of your machine doesn’t always work you still worked hard.

Things I learned from the Rube Goldberg machine experience

  1. You NEVER get Rube Goldberg machines to work on the first go.
  2. You NEVER end up with your Rube Goldberg machine built exactly by the plan.exexp
  3. Try and it will definitely pay off.

How would I describe the Rube Goldberg machine experience

  1. Fun
  2. Frustrating (just a bit)
  3. Educational
  4. A great experience