Ok I get what you are thinking. “The start of rube Goldberg machines blog post was before. What is going on?” well then we were only testing little bits like my Lego flag and lever. And the pop sticks chain reaction. Now we have started testing the real thing. But of course we had to pan first.


To make a top plan you need to be as accurate as you would be in building. Like this:

You can decide which is more accurate. The Cup is placed directly over the domino. Or. Cup placed 130 degrees over the start domino that will hit more dominos. I don’t know what you think but I would choose the second one. A top design also has lots of diagrams. Most top designs are diagram with little pointes to say what they are and what they do. Here is my plan.



Our building when off to a rough start. We thought everything didn’t work and we deleted almost everything. Our machine was suddenly not as good as it was in the plan. But soon we decided to try testing the things we deleted again. We are now working on a pulley made out of k-nex so we can make our Rube Goldberg machine have more accuracy, simple machines and so it is a lot better. Planning and testing our Rube Goldberg was so fun but also challenging and a bit frustrating. But I still recommend making one at home.