building and testing

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Testing the Rube Goldberg machines is very important. If you don’t test you don’t know if it will work. Sometimes (and I mean most of the time) due to the testing stage you have to add, delete and make alternatives to do the job something else that doesn’t work.

Simple machines and other machines

I am going to tell you about 3 of my little machines in my Rube Goldberg machine. And how it works.

  1. Incline pane.

The incline plane is very good if you want the car\marble to go in a straight line and that is exactly what we are using it for. The incline plane is one of the simple machines and simple machines are great in simple machines. And anything else mechanical.

  1.  Pulley

Pulleys are fantastic in Rube Goldberg machines because if something is falling off the table you can use a pulley instead of being all precise you can just lower down your pulley. A pulley is also a simple machine.

  1. Wheel and axle

Wheels and axles can work as marbles. They can also act as other things but we are using like marbles so wheels and axles can be used as and in so many things in Rube Goldberg and other I will write to latter. Bye.