Rube Goldberg Machines




In this post I am going to tell you how the stick bomb works. This amazing explosion is much more than pretty colours. In fact, it a great example of a chain reaction. A chain reaction is when one thing happens which makes another thing happen which makes another thing happen etc. other examples of a chain reaction are dominos, anything falling on something else or something pushing something. So the pop stick reaction. The second pop stick holds down the first and the third holds down the second and so on, all you need to do to make this chain reaction is let go of the end popsicle stick and the pop sticks start unwinding by us letting go of one, making another one fly up (when I say fly I mean more like spring because gravity still occurs) which lets go of another.

Making and exploding the stick weapon is very similar. The second stick holds down the first and the third stick holds down the second and the four stick holds down the third and the last holds down the start and the fourth, until you throw the stick weapon on the ground. Then the same thing happens, but in reverse. The first one lets go of the forth and the…. I think you get it now.

So now Lego machines. I made a cool flag machine. This is how it works. Something hits the first lever and it pushes lever one and lever one pushes lever two and lever two has the flag on it and when lever one pushes down on lever two, the flag pops up. This is pushed down by load force. Load force is the force that is being used when lever one pushes lever two. Load force is also used when the weight on one side of lever two is pushed down and the weight stays down to make the flag go up. But we weren’t just building one Lego machine each we were putting all our groups’ machines together to make one big machine. Our group didn’t finish, although we had most of our stuff ready, the machine didn’t work very well when we were filming our video because the pieces didn’t work well together. If we had used our time better, and not wasted some time, we could have had success. There is something to learn for the future. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog post. Bye.

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  1. Zara · April 29, 2016 at 10:49 am ·

    I enjoyed reading this post, it included a lot of information. That is true some pieces do not work well together. Well done.