The start of Rube Goldberg machines

stick bom bom

The start of Rube Goldberg machines

New term means new design project and can you guess what we are doing? Rube Goldberg machines that’s what. I am really looking forward to making my Rube Goldberg machine but you can’t just get straight into it so we started with connected pop sticks and letting them exploded. This was really exciting because it’s cool when you try hard don’t get it and try hard don’t get it etc. try hard get it. The challenges in the pop sticks challenge where definitely putting it together.

The challenges of putting it together:

  1. Knowing where the pop sticks go
  2. Holding the pop sticks down
  3. Not enough fingers

It is really good when you overcome your challenges but you got to remember how you did it.

Overcoming our challenges. How did we do this?

  1. Try again until it works
  2. Look at every video until it works
  3. Thinking about what else we can do
  4. Trying lots of different weaves until we find one that works

Even if you do really well at overcoming your challenges it’s still good to have a good goal in mind here are some of mine:

  1. Actually accomplish the task of making the pop stick weave exploded
  2. Keep in mind how to overcome challenges
  3. Don’t give up on the task

Thank you for reading my blog post and maybe you can try doing this task google “instructions on pop sticks bom.” When you do the cobra weave then you can do some other weaves but just remember that nonmatter how frustrating it gets just keep trying and don’t give up.



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  1. Mr Colbert · April 13, 2016 at 9:50 am ·

    Awesome Takoda, well done, I look forward what your write next. Very engaging!