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My new book that I am reading is Matilda by roal dahl. Matilda is one of my all-time favorites and I have read the book, seen the movie and seen the musical. Now I am going to do a book review. I recommend this book to

  1. People who love to read
  2. People who don’t like reading (because they will like this book anyway)
  3. The young
  4. The old

In other words I recommend it to anyone. This book is about an amazing girl called Matilda Wormwood. Her parents are horribly mean to Matilda because they think TV and looks are better than books (And Matilda loves to read). In fact If Matilda said something about her dads horrible business (that I will tell you about later) her dad would say “I’m big your small, I’m right your wrong, I’m smart your dumb and there is nothing you can do about it.” So Mr. Wormwood’s horrible business is making old broken down cars look good and selling them. They run smooth for a few miles until it will brake down. One day an amazing thing happens to Matilda. While she was reading a book and her mother, father and brother was watching TV her father got mad and told her to put down the silly book and start watching more tally. And then her horrible dad ripped the pages out of her beloved book. But that is not the amazing part this is. Her father held her head to make her watch TV and then the TV exploded. As in BANG. Matilda had no Idea what had happened. Only a few days later her dad sold a car to the head misters of a school nearby called truncuem hall. The head Mistresses’ name was miss. Trunchball. When Mr. Wormwood came home he burst into his daughter’s room and announced that she was going to school. Can you guess where? Trunchem hall that’s where.

Matilda thought Trunchem hall would be a beautiful school but it was not. It was more a child jail. The head misters (who you meet before) was truly horrible to the children there. She did a number of horrible things to the children there like: through them out the window by their ankles, call them nasty names, holding them upside-down by their ankles. But by far the worst thing Miss. Trunchball did was the choky. The choky is a cupboard in miss. Trunchball’s office that she puts children in if they are the slightest bit naughty she would grab the child and push them in the choky. When Matilda came to school she saw all the action of the chrunchball (the Trunchball is what the students call Miss. Trunchball). Miss. Trunchball was pushing through the children when she saw a girl named amender thrip.  Amender had some lovely pig tales

hanging down her shoulders but apparently the Tunchball hates pig tales. So she picked up poor Amanda by her pig tales and swung her around and then let go and Amanda flew over the fence and landed in a flower patch. Poor Matilda was scared that miss. Trunchball was her teacher but she was very, very wrong. Her teacher was a lovely lady named miss. Honey. Matilda surprised Miss. Honey because she could multiply large numbers in her head. Miss. Honey went to ask Miss. Trunchball if she could go into a higher grade but of Couse Miss. Rejected this offer. Matilda didn’t mind. Miss. Honey was better than any other teacher. But that is not the biggest surprise yet. Only a couple of days later Miss. Trunchball pulled out her weirdest punishment ever.


A boy named Bruce stole a piece of cake from the kitchen and now he is going to pay for it. Miss. Trunchball has found out and has brought a massive cake all for Bruce to eat all at once. He begins to eat. A while later he is half way through the cake and has stopped. Is he going to puke? Matilda stands and yells a shout of encouragement. And soon everyone is yelling “GO BRUCE! GO BRUCE!” Quite soon Bruce is done. Only thanks to the help of his class mates. The next day Miss. Chrunchball’s car broke down and she blamed Matilda because her dad sold her the car. Matilda was sent to the CHOKY. When Miss. Honey found out she got Matilda out strait away. When Matilda got back to the classroom she was so angry at Miss. Trunchball that she stared at the Trunchball’s glass of water and it tipped water on her. Matilda had found a key to a power she didn’t know she had. The Next day she unlocked the key to happiness. I am sorry I can’t tell you the end but if you can read the book. There are lots of other secrets. Happy Reading.

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