Lego robotics Week 8

This week we started line following , line following  is where you get your robot  to follow a black line in: a circle, a straight line almost ANY line. Our group had to finish one of last weeks challenges going  around the outside of a square  and being able to stop it with touch sensors. We haven’t finished the line following challenge yet, we will need to finish this next term. The line following challenge is going to be helpful in  competitions later in the year. I think I helped my group as much as I could and I am starting to understand a bit more now.


This is the last post for the term.

robotics week #7

this is a screen snip of the colour sensor programme

This week was probably the best week I had a lot of fun. This week we did colour sensors, colour sensors are sensors that Detects  colour if you told your robot to move forward and stop when it saw red, it would stop dead in its tracks when it saw the red. We also did brakes, coasting and loops. When you ask your robot to loop it means it will do the command over and over again. Next time I hope we can do another type of sensor.

robotics week #6

This week we are working on touch sensors. It took quite a while for us to get the code but in the end we got help and we completed one of the challenges it was kind of stressful because we needed a connection cord  because Bluetooth was not working. I now understand that an axel piece needs to be placed in the touch sensor. This is important because now when the robot is about to run into something it will stop so that it does not hit it, this will only happen if we put in the right programme.

Lego Robotics Week Five

This week we continued and completed the turning challenge the programme was kind of long because we did both turns in one programme . We also got our robot to have the words hello world on the screen while moving at the same time ,our group was SO happy when K.A.S

We could make K.A.S say a lot more things while doing different movements we are exited to experiment with this. It was interesting learning this because it was easier than we thought it was so much fun. We were working for about half an hour on this..

this is the programme for ‘hello world’ 

Robotics week four

This lesson we started  turning. This lesson Kate was working on her blog so it was just Alexa and I, soon after that, Odessa from another group joined us because the rest of her group was doing  blogging so we worked together to try and make our robot turn. It is important to know how to turn because it can be handy when doing routines. when programming  we usually use four pieces of code  to do most things and we also set it to seconds a lot. We haven’t finished the turning challenge yet. Next we need to continue working on the turn project.

Robotics Week #2

this is our second session of  robotics. today we started to programme  KAS8  to go straight forward  and we programmed Kas to do a dance routine we also started the moving forward challenge we are not going well at the moment because after Kas turns around she goes diagonally  back we are going to work before school. this was important because you need to start with simple things before you  can do the more complicated things. this will be helpful if we decide to enter competitions later in the year. Again my team worked like a DREAM we co-operated and most of all we had fun. next time we will continue programming.     both of these pictures are of our completed robot.

Robotics day #1

this picture is of my group and I about half way through the day.

   Our first day of robotics was last week. Our instructions were on Lego Mindstorm there were 46 steps. it was Important to co-operate with each other. I think these first steps are really preparing us for the year ahead ( which will be really good). We  all had jobs that we did and we were all happy with our jobs. I think we did well because we didn’t we have disagreement and  we had fun and we learnt A LOT. Next lesson we will start programming.

Hello world!

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