orange square purple circle

Today Mr McKie told us to do a project called orange square purple circle it was fun. The whole of year 5 had to do it. What we had to do was we had to make any scratch related I have made a game I got inspired by Jack and his amazing work his game is really cool I found it hard because I struggled to figure what I should do then I saw the beautiful teachers having fun and  then I herd this noise it sounded like a game so i when’t to go and check it out and i saw this game going on it game there is a square and a circle there were also 2 clouds 1 orange and the 2nd purple what they did they distracted the the player so they will get a lower score. the thing i need to do next is i need to next is i need  to  wait  for  Mr  McKie  to  tell  us  what to  do for  our  next  challenge.

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