About Me

Hi my name is Tom. I am ten years old and I live with my Mum, my Dad and my younger brother, Jamie. We both go  to The Geelong College right now. I am in year 5 and Jamie is in year prep.  I have been to two different schools so far. I used to live in Melbourne and I went to a school called Haileybury. I play cricket, footy and basketball and I love sports. Now my family have moved to Barwon Heads. I have no pets and my favourite colour is yellow. Thanks for reading my blog about me.

Scratch Band 2

Today Mr Mckie said we had a new Scratch project.

It was my favourite Scratch project to date.

This is how it went.

I had lots of trial and error along the way but I got there in the end.

I made the beat a bit better because it wasn’t making sense.

I used the drum and the electrical  guitar. The characters are called sprites and I used 3 of them in my band they where a dinosaur a chicken and a penguin.

I also added another backdrop and turned 180 degrees to add to the Scratch project. My backdrop was a basketball court and my other backdrop was a cool space backdrop.

At the end I really enjoyed this project and I will be updating to new blogs coming out soon.