This term we are reading a book called refugee. It is our first class book for this year, I am enjoying it so far. It is about the main character named Ali who fled from Afghanistan because of the taliban and he escaped with a person called Rahim. Ali got to a detention centre called Woommera in South Australia where he met someone called Mohhamed and his brother called Safir, he plays cards with them. One day Ali got called on the Woommera loud speaker and the guards told him he was going to Adelaide Ali was very excited. Ali got to go to Adelaide with Mohhamed and two other people called Sam and Ahmed  he was so excited. When he got to Adelaide he got to go to an english school so he could get better at learning English and he met someone called Anna. After two weeks he had finaly got to go to a school in Adelaide. Ali struggled to keep up in his new school though with so much homework it was hard for Ali since he did not know what was going on most of time. One Anna his friend from his old school said she was leaving back to the Phillipines. Ali wanted to see her one more time so he went to the airport to see her once more it took a long time and the then finally he got to see Anna but thhen he felt a had on his shoulder and it was the guard from Wommera he said that Ali was going back to Wommera where he came from. When he got back to Wommera he tried to call his mum and it worked he was so happy to hear her voice again. One day a load of protested came and tried to get the refugees out of Wommera  when Ali escaped a person from Melbourne called Tom said come and hide in our tent so he did and then when he woke up after all of this he felt another tap on his shoulder but this time it was Safir so him and Ali went with the people from Melbourne and escaped in there van to Victoria.

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