Week 7 Blog

It is week 7 and this weeks task was the colour sensor.

For example a colour sensor is when the robots sensors light sees a certain colour you can make it do something like stop it, make it move, make it spin, just basically everything!

We made it follow a line and when it got off the line it stopped.

At the very start it was not working but we still have not made it trace around a square peace of paper but hopefully that will be soon.

Here is the program.

Week 6 Robotics (Touch Sensor)

Our challenge or week 6 was to use and make a touch sensor.

What a touch sensor does is when it feels something hit it you can choose what you make it do.

We have just finished the touch sensor (Cassie and I Zoe was not here when we did all of this)

We made it turn around and it was a success! (I am posting this late because I didn’t have time to finish it on the day)

What we had to do

Our Robot Spinning/Dancing! ( Test )

This is just a spinning test. We did this because our robots spinning was looking great and we wanted to see what it looked like without the moving if that makes sence. We are putting this on our blogs so people who are a bit confused can see this and maybe get inspiration from it.

Week 5 Robotics

We have fixed the errors and now it is working amazing!

We now are about up to date and are currently working on more.

We made it turn, go forward, go backwards, and the sounds of our voice on it sound so good and funny!

In week 6 we will be working on touch sensor which me, Cassie and Zoe are very excited about.

its programming went from horrible not working to amazing and working absolutly perfect!!

Hopefully all of the next projects are challenging and are very fun, I am so so excited for robotics!

All though this lesson Zoe was not here, we still managed to get a lot done!

Lego Robotics


This photo is from Week one, It is now Week 4 This is Cassie, Zoe and I’s motor on our robot before we added all the other things to it. It’s name is Bean because we all think it suits and we like it to be unique. It is currently having technical difficulties with the programming but we are trying to fix it.

Day 3 Robotics

This is Cassie Zoe And my robot. We programmed it and have named it. We have programmed it to go forward, and are programming more.

Hello world!

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