Week 7 Colour Sensor

In week 7 we’ve been using the colour sensor! from what I’ve found out it can make your robot stop as soon as it senses a certain colour. It can also allow you to adjust the speed of the robot when it senses a colour, using this information and some help from Oliver (because Will […]

Week 5 Display Block

So far in week 5 my group and I are perfecting our Display Block skills, the display block allows us to display pictures & sound. So far from what we’ve discovered it can make custom sounds!! Our first challenge was to use the the display block to make our robot (Bruh) say ”Hello World”, it […]

Week 4 Blog

(Disclaimer: This is a summary/recap of week 3 coming into week 4) Last week my group (Will, Archie and I) started to build and program an EV3 Lego robot, to make it do the challenges that were set. It was super fun and challenging. It was challenging because we had never really experienced building and […]

Hello world!

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