Planning for Passion Project

Hello Bloggers,

I’m past the ispdeas stage and planning for my Passion project! I have got my idea and I know what I am going to work towards. Now I am planning out in my head when I am going to make the big painting, when I am going to be blogging and estimating when I should we ready to produce. So far I am using my own chart to keep myself on track and so I know what I am doing and when I am doing it.

My plan is that this week, I will start the production stage and get the big painting on the way as well as putting the paper on the pin board AND do another blog post to keep you updated. In week 7 I will finish the big painting and get some feedback on what to fix and then in week 8 – 9 I will just generally finish the whole thing.

I think with the this plan, I will DEFINATELY get it finished by week 9 if I follow it right.

Look out for my next post about the production stage of my passion project!